Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's All Say Consubstantial

I'm on the change train.
I was excited to go to Mass today and use the new translation or corrected translation or revised translation. I went to my parish workshop, I read about the change in our bulletin and other publications, I saw a video on the change, and I discussed the change in Bible study.

Our priest spoke before Mass began about the new pamphlets in the pews that we need to use along with the reasoning behind the change. Mass began, and we stuttered through it including the priest. At least 3/4 of the people said, "And also with you" instead of "With your spirit." Wait, did I miss the Gloria? What happened to the Gloria? Again, Father G. reminded us to use our pamphlets. Before the Profession of Faith Father discussed the "I" instead of "We" and consubstantial.

My poor father who is legally blind was unable to even read the LARGE PRINT pamphlet. He went to the workshop too in preparation. He ordered important publications for both us, so we could be prepared. He was eager for the change, yet he was saying all the wrong things. He really is into theology. I'll have to make time to review the changes with him again.

At the end of Mass, Father said it was like saying his first Mass all over again because he stumbled over unfamiliar words and phrases too. But he has faith that we will all get the hang of it. And we will. Week by week we will  speak more and more in unison. But in the meantime, I like the newness of the Mass. I like being mindful. I like the fact that this is an opportunity to delve deeper into the mysteries of our faith. I like the fact we are exploring our relationship with the Trinity. I like the fact that we are improving communication with the presider and God. I like that we are another mile or two ahead on our spiritual journey. 

There are those who are complaining about the new translation as if it's too difficult. Sure it may be difficult, but that does not mean we are incapable. Sure, it may be hard to understand, but we have our entire lives to try to understand. Aren't we always growing in understanding? Isn't that the point? We are poised for growth, and God is giving us plenty of room for that growth to occur.

Consubstantial may be an unfamiliar and wieldly word, but it is an AWESOME word.

Lord, thank you for making me capable of spiritual growth. Thank you for giving me this life to explore and revel in my relationship with you. Thank you for waking us up at Mass, so we are mindful and not robots. Lord, may all the complainers learn to appreciate the beauty of the Mass and please overlook our humanness as we struggle to get it right. 

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Amanda @ "All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Yes, I like that you say that we are not incapable of learning. Its true. The complainers are people who don't like change. I admit that I'm one of them too ... but I do like the changes ... so maybe my stubbornness is situational. :-)