Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anniversary -50 Years

On Sunday evening, my relatives and I got together and celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my aunt and uncle. It was a small, quiet dinner at the home of a cousin, but very special. Before our family got together, my aunt and uncle attended a special Mass for couples celebrating their 50th anniversary in the archdiocese. They were only allowed two guests, so I didn't attend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Had a Wonderful Dream

Last night I dreamt that I went to a revival meeting at my old parish with some neighbors. There was singing as we praised Jesus. There were many people giving witness talks about their experiences with Jesus. I turned around and there was my dad with some other neighbors. After three hours of this revival/praise meeting, I took my dad to the mall where we ran into my godfather. Then I took my dad home.

My impression of this dream was how happy I felt at this revival and how happy I felt afterwards. But now that I am awake, I am fraught with real life worries. I wish I could go back into my dream.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church

YOUCAT is the brand new Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church just in case you were wondering. I was wondering, so I looked it up. I looked at sample pages, and the layout looks pretty nifty and fresh. I think I would like a copy for myself.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Author, K of C Picnic, Dog

We had a visiting retired priest say Mass this past Sunday. During the homily, the priest had a book that he recommended by a  Mr. Barkley. Actually I think he said Dr. Barkley and that he was Presbyterian. Maybe Barkley is spelled Barclay. I did a Google search, but I don't think I found the correct Barkley/Barclay Presbyterian.  The visiting priest didn't say the name of the book.

In the afternoon I accompanied my father to his Knights of Columbus picnic. Neither Dad nor I won the raffle or bingo. Usually one of us wins something. I enjoyed the picnic, and I think Dad did too.

Saturday wasn't filled with picnic fun. I woke up with dread in my stomach on Saturday. My godson and his mother had to put their dog to sleep, and I went with to offer comfort and support. I gave them hugs and lots of tissues because they cried a lot. The veterinarian first gave the dog a shot of calming medicine, and I think the family members needed the calming medicine. About 10 minutes later, the vet gave the dog the fatal dose. I hope the family members aren't too sad for too long. They sure loved the dog. I'm glad the vet was compassionate towards them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spiritual Friendship

I recently read the book Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship by Mary DeTurris Poust and thought of my friend Jan. She was a very practicing Catholic.

We had a spiritual friendship then 11 months and 19 days ago she died at the age of 46. She had a chronic illness, and I was so glad I spent as much time as possible with her before she died. Sitting at her bedside in hospice with her family all around was the most meaningful thing I've ever done.  I don't think I wrote about her in this blog. I don't think I can write more about her life and death right now.

I can say that several weeks ago, some mutual friends and I went to visit her grave. On the way home from the cemetery I learned that her husband has already gone swimming in the dating pool. I don't get it. I am not saying there are rules for this sort of thing, or maybe there are rules. Believe me, I truly UNDERSTAND the desire for companionship. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that he already has had one relationship under his belt, and it hasn't even been a year. He hasn't done anything bad, but it just seems too soon.  They were married over 20 years and were unable to have children.

So Many Thoughts Today, Bad Godmother Action

My name on this blog is a nickname. I'm shy, and like my privacy.  Also, I've heard more than enough criticism in my life, and I'm afraid of more criticism.

Maybe if I wasn't so shy, I would have a mate. Maybe I would have a job. I hate being shy. But once I get to know someone, I open up.

I'm unemployed, and struggle financially. I'm so ready to be productive and earn money.  I'm starting to do volunteer work.

Dear God, you gave me a brain. Please let me use it, so I can support myself. Please God, let me fit in the world of work.

What's with the pornography in "R" rated movies? And when my 17 year-old godson was visiting and wanted to watch Love Actually, why didn't I check the rating? Why didn't I remember the porn parts of the movie? I remember the funny parts. We were watching this movie on my laptop, and when the porn part came on, I stuck my foot in front of the screen so he couldn't see it and ended up pressing the rewind button then fast forward button with my foot. This was one big godmother-ly mistake. I feel guilty.

I had a flat tire today, and drove on the flat to my local service station. A shout out to Manny, Danny, and John who take good care of my car time and again. I sat there waiting for Danny to fix the flat and thanked God that I didn't ruin the tire with the rim since I drove on the flat. Thank you, God, that I was able to afford the $25 repair and didn't have to buy a new tire. The treads of my tire are still really good.

Manny (the owner), Dan, and John are always very courteous and give me a discount or freebie every now and then. They thank me for my business and remember my [real] name.  I was talking to Dan about my tire when a man came to deliver some auto parts:
Dan to delivery man: How's it going?
Delivery Man: Okay. Same old.
Dan: Same old, same old. I'd say more, but there's a lady present.

I appreciate being thought of as a LADY. I do appreciate it when men refrain from swearing in front of me because I am a lady, a woman, a female.

Last year I remember taking a walk when I encountered an old man with a small boy (his grandson?), and the old man tipped his hat to me.  I was thrilled at this sign of old-fashioned manners. I smiled and said hello.