Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Mix-Up and God's Not Dead

Hi, I resisted the urge to title post this March M ------ because I never went to the big dance.

Anyway, here it goes:

1) Russian Soldiers and Putin, get back into your own country. Russia is big enough! Stop invading other countries and that includes Crimea! Russia, I don't trust you. I never have, and never will. I feel for the people in the Ukraine.

2) I can't even imagine what it's like to lose your beloved on that Malaysian jet. I hope a real person finds the real jet very soon. In the meantime, people, stop throwing trash in the ocean.

3) Went to a memorial service at a Unitarian church. A lady minister said some nice words. I forgot what if anything was said about the afterlife or Heaven as we know it.  Every time I looked at the lady minister I thought of LarryD who stopped blogging.

4) Seraphic Singles blogger AND Meg from the Pierced Hands blog had things to say about leggings.  I think leggings with some skirts especially on little girls are cute and have a purpose. Leggings on grown women without skirts - um - either you're showing up your super skinny body or um grossing some people out. But if it's cold enough for leggings, then why aren't Leggings Wearers wearing socks?

5) Currently unemployed. This time I'm skipping the worry and going straight to God. I feel like praying the rosary a lot. Suddenly it doesn't seem like a chore. Hmm. Go order a beautiful rosary from Becky's Etsy shop Roses for Mary by clicking here: Hoping God changes my life in a big wonderful fantastic way like He did for Stacy Trascanos with wonderful husband, cute children and big wonderful home with cool job offers that don't require much of a commute. Her family update post is about the only I understood on the whole blog. Wait, didn't she once write on an old blog how she didn't like to see lesbian couples holding hands in the park or something like that? I understood that post.

6) I once socialized with a cool lesbian couple. Fun, witty, very kind. No, they didn't hold hands. People are people.

7) Somehow I ended belonging to a book discussion group at a Catholic Worship Center. The deacon said it's not a church, but a worship center to be inclusive. A neighboring synagogue uses the space for its High Holy Day services. We're reading a book about Jesus being Jewish written by Amy-Jill Levine, and there are practicing Jewish people in our group. The deacon likes to show off his knowledge of Hebrew.

8) Sometimes I worry that I'll never get to hold a baby again. When I see more gray hairs, I am repulsed. Then I make a phone call to the salon.

9) Last weekend made the bad decision to see the movie About Last Night. Stupid me. I wasn't all that thrilled with that movie back in the 1980s, and not thrilled with the remake. It's based on the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet. I never saw the play, but maybe he would title it Hooking Up in Chicago if he wrote it today. Or maybe not.

10) Today made the much better decision to meet different friends at the movies. We saw God's Not Dead. Some of it was very simplistic and exaggerated, but it's a movie and needed to make a point. Some of it was meaty, I thought. Anyway, you've seen that kind of ending before, but who cares? It was a Feel Good movie about STANDING UP FOR CHRISTIANITY, and staying true to your beliefs. If you have a precocious jr. high school child, I think he/she would get it. Otherwise, appropriate for teen-agers and above. And guess what??? There is NOTHING embarrassing or shameful about it.

I thought I was going to see Heaven's For Real or something like that. But the teen-age boy in the box office said I meant God's Not Dead. I never heard of that movie! Also, Son of God was playing at the theatre, so I was rather confused about what God movie I was suppose to see. But the teen-age boy was right (hire a teen-ager while they still know everything).

11) I'm not sure I like this trend of putting nail polish on girls. What do you think? It just seems like putting nail polish on girls is part of the whole sexualizing girls while they are still girls. Okay, call me old fashioned. On the other hand (or foot), it's just nail polish. But why do girls feel like they have to embellish their bodies??? I know why I feel that way. But shouldn't girls just live in a world where they are pretty just the way they are? Why don't they feel that way? What am I missing?

12) I have lots of old fashion ideas, but also feel like spray painting my hair pink. Go figure.