Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Reasons for Joy!

I'm taking the blogger's easy way out and linking to other people's posts because they deserve to be read.

It is  truly awesome that this boy wants to be a priest when he grows up!

I heard a priest say that there is much joy to be found in serving others. That priest finds joy in his vocation. So why am I sitting here in front of my computer so much?


It's still Easter, so let's keep celebrating!

Maybe I will send out Easter cards that I meant to send, but didn't.

Grab what joy you can in this life. I just gave you two reasons to life your head out of the ordinary grind and worries (I have plenty) and look up and rejoice that
He is Risen!!!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Books I Read in April

1) Swimming with Scapulars. True Confessions of a Young Catholic by Matthew Lickona.

This is a calm and honest account of the spiritual development and struggles of the author. And by the picture inside the book jacket, a hot looking author. Oh wait, do not judge a book by the hotness of the author.

He attended Thomas Aquinas College in California. I was looking at the college's website and noted that there are separate resident halls for male and female. Not only that, a guy can't be hanging out in a girl's dorm and vice versa (unless it's moving day). I think I would have liked being in an environment where there wasn't all that rampant sex under my nose and feeling odd that I wasn't partaking in such. It seems like a safe and wholesome environment at least according to the website.

I recommend this book if you are a Catholic adult or Catholic young adult and need encouragement. It's nice to know you aren't walking alone on the conservative lifestyle road. Read this book if you're curious what it's like to be Catholic these days. This is one man's experience.

2) Prude. Lessons I Learned when my Fiance Filmed Porn by Emily Southwood.

Well, this author bares all in her writing. Yowza. I would be so embarrassed to write about sexual escapades. She wanted to explain to readers that she wasn't a prude. Nope, not a prude. Not even modest. Sure, this book is honest and frank, but in a different way. I wonder if her parents read this book, but maybe the parents are um . . . loose-minded.

Anyway, this "sexually liberated" author was bothered by the fact that she was bothered by the fact her fiance was taping porn stars doing various sexual activities, which is described in the book. Then the sad part was the author became very insecure about her own body. Anyway, she finally admitted to her fiance that she was bothered by his job, and he quit his job.

Well, my reading material is varied.