Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bad Numerology

Bad, bad numbers. The number of inches of the waistband of my pants is smaller than the number of inches around my actual waist. It was a very long day at the office with my too tight pants.

No, I did not spend $40 on a numerology chart or anything occultish or new agey. I think I was looking for hope and encouragement. It's gray and rainy today too, so I'm looking for sunshine. It's so dismal outside, and it's only going to get worse with fall coming. Winter follows, and the days become short and cold.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sin due to Disenchantment

Numerology is a sin, isn't it?

Late Sunday night or Monday morning I was disenchanted with personal aspects of my life and found myself on a numerology website and got my free reading. Of course it said wonderful things about me and my future. Now I got an email that for $40 I could get a more comprehensive report because my "chart is on fire" and I could experience wonderful changes and improvements before "the window of opportunity closes."

So I am tempted.

I know better. It's a sales pitch. Is this a good use of $40?

I am so tempted.

Your thoughts? Comments?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wrong Email Attachment

Bible study resumed for the fall. I'm glad I went.

Made stupid error at work. Are there any smart errors? Boss Lady told me not to make any more mistakes, or I might as well pack my things and go. Now I'm walking on eggshells. No one was harmed by the mistake. One vice president thought it was funny because she said it was something she would do.  No money was lost. Customers weren't lost. Really, it just made me look stupid. Boss Lady said I made the whole team look bad. No, I'm not taking that guilt on. My name was on the mistake. I just look bad. Mostly I have to forgive myself and move on. It was a foolish mistake made in the rush of multi-tasking and tight deadlines. Haste makes waste as the saying goes. My mind was on one task, and my mouse was on the wrong document. I attached the wrong document to an email. Being an electronic document, no trees were chopped down either.

Dear God, help me do well at work. Dear God, it's hard to be human with all my stumbles especially when other people have power over my livelihood. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maybe the new week will be better

The doctor prescribed medicine. I took it,  mostly recovered, had a few bad days at work, and then went shopping. Then I had bad dreams about work.

I mourned the second anniversary of my friend's death, then because I didn't feel bad enough, I learned friend's widowed husband is getting married this fall. That news just made the grief fresh and new again. This is not a time for lectures about how life goes on. This is about understanding how he may get a new wife, but I'm still short a dear friend. This is not a time for rationale and logic. It's a time to hear that it's been a crappy week.

I need something uplifting and beautiful. Let me turn to my John Paul II book and see what quotes I can find.

"The dignity of the person is the indestructible property of every human being. The force of this affirmation is based on the uniqueness and irrepeatability of every person." Vatican City 1988.

"How many women have been and are still valued more for their physical appearance than for their personal qualities, professional competence, intellectual work, the richness of their sensitivity and, fianlly, for the very dignity of their being" March 8th Angelus Prayer, Vatican City 1998