Monday, March 28, 2011

What About Wedding Vows?

I was friends with a couple. Now I am only friends with the wife (my original friend). Her husband left her and their three children after 25 years of marriage and is shacking up with a younger woman. Together he and his mistress have a baby. The husband and my friend are not even legally separated, and are not divorced.

I just want to beat him over the head, but I won't do that. Where is his responsibility? His promises? Her sacred vows of marriage? What happened. They were married in the Catholic church. Why do men do this??? I feel like writing him a scathing email. There should be marriage police. I hate this feeling of helplessness.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Early in the Lenten Season - Media

My operation went okay.

I was listening to two little girls discussing God. Girl A was staying God is dead. Good B said God is still alive, lives in the sky in Heaven, and was a man. This was in a public school, so I just listened. But if they had asked me, I would have told them the Truth.

I lost both of my Little Black books, and was a bit out of sorts about it. I found them both. I have two because when I lost the first one, I obtained a replacement copy at church. Now I have one in the car, and one at home.

Last night 60 Minutes did a report on Archbishop Dolan. I rather liked the report. Did you like it?

Last week I was watching an Oprah show (a rerun I believe), and there was a segment on Catholic nuns and how they marry Christ. Did you see it? What do you think? You can click on this link and watch it. The program almost made me wish I were a nun. I don't think Oprah got it when the Mother Superior said they pray for Oprah everyday. I do think Oprah was genuinely touched by the fact that the nuns do pray for her.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jesus, Jesus, I am HERE

I need to throw myself in front of someone's feet and say, "Fix me, please, fix my life." The best person to do this is in front of Jesus. How do I do that? What does this look like? Often I feel prayer is fruitless. What actions do I need to take? I wish Jesus was here then I could physically move my little feet and literally throw myself down in front of him, on the ground. Right there on the ground so that he'd have to step over me, help me up, trip over me, or walk away. I would clutch the hem of his cloak with both hands, and he'd have to drag me along the dusty road. I don't know what else to do to get HIS attention.

"Hello, hello, hello, I am HERE!"
I need WISDOM too. 

Outpatient Surgery

I am having outpatient surgery on Thursday, March 10, 2011. Please pray that I do not have any complications, and the physician has a very steady hand. Thank you.

St. Lawrence and the Treasures - Rice Bowl

In Columbia magazine (Aug. 2010) there is a short article about St. Lawrence. I like the story.

Here's my summary: 
Back in 258 our man St. Lawrence was one of seven deacons in Rome. He was in charge of the material things of the Church and giving alms to the poor. Emperor Valerian ordered the Pope's execution because these were dark anti-church times (like in Egypt now). One of the emperor's sidekicks told St. Lawrence to hand over the Church's goods, the stuff, the bling, the treasures. St. Lawrence asked for three days to get it all together.

Three days later, our man St. Larry took the flunky to the room where all the treasures were stored. Isn't that nice of St. L to conveniently place all the treasures in one place? Into the storeroom the flunky and the saint went. What did they see? The poor, the handicapped, the sick people were in the room. St. Lawrence said those people are the church's greatest treasures.

Flunky dude was very UNhappy. He was mad, and sentenced our man Lawrence to death. St. Lawrence was grilled to death on a gridiron. According to tradition, he told his killers, "This side's done. Turn me over and had a bite."

According to the article, St. Lawrence is the patron saint of the poor, comedians, chefs and of Rome.

There are treasures among us. One way we can treasure our treasures is participating in operation rice bowl. I know my parish will be passing out rice bowls, which are really cardboard boxes.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Lent is Coming

Winter is a difficult season for me because it's cold and dark and lifeless. Often I am depressed Give me sunlight, give me warmth is my motto. Then comes Lent.

I try to avoid Lent. It further depresses me. Ashes to ashes makes everything worthless. I don't like the focus on death. I feel apathetic.  The stations of the cross are just miserable. I've suffered enough in my life, but that's not the point. Christ suffered, and it's painful.

I don't go to sad movies either. Life in the here and now brings enough suffering, so I don't go looking for it.

But I am going to Mass on Ash Wednesday this year. Now, if you came here to look for a good Catholic role model then hop on over to someone else's blog. So don't gasp when I say I haven't gone to Ash Wednesday Mass in several years. Okay, gasp if you want.

On Sunday I was signing in for my communion minister duty when the liturgy director was there looking for ministers to serve on Ash Wednesday. I couldn't say no, so I signed up for 4:00 pm Mass.

I think I need a Lent calendar like an Advent calendar to help count the days until Easter. Maybe I will make one.

And I have to think about what to do on Easter and with whom. Last year Easter was filled with hurtful drama in my family. I was ready to throw myself under a bus when it was over. I don't want to relive that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

“The King of glory comes, the nation rejoices”

I wish we would sing "The King of Glory" at Mass. Back in 1972-1973, we sang it A LOT at church. It is really spirited and a great summary too. It's meant to be sung loud and not slow. I'm not sure what the proper musical word is for fast or even regular speed.

So far this century, I've heard it sung once at my parish. The lead singer likes to pretend she is an opera singer and sang it s-l-o-w-l-y.

There's a line in there about visiting the cities and villages. Well, fake opera singer made the trip sound exhausting.

But back in the day, during the guitar Mass we sang with gusto. We sang it with so much gusto that it sounded like we were still rejoicing. Not only that, I felt so energized by the song that I was ready to walk to cities and villages, but I was a young child and had to stay very close to home.

I miss that song.

And I've never been to an opera, but watched a few minutes of it on t.v.I don't know how else to describe the way she sings.

I know the music people at church can't please all of the people all of the time, and we all have different tastes. Blah, blah, blah.

"The King of Glory comes, the nation rejoices
Open the gates before Him, lift up your voices.

Who is the King of Glory? How shall we call Him?
He is Emmanuel, the promise of ages.

In all of Galilee, in city or village
He goes among His people, curing their illness.

Sing then of David's Son, our Savior and Brother
In all of Galilee was never another.

He gave his life for us, the pledge of salvation,
He took upon himself the sins of the nation.

He conquered sin and death; He truly has risen.
And He will share with us His heavenly vision."

 Proper credit needs to be given to the songwriter.