Monday, March 21, 2011

Early in the Lenten Season - Media

My operation went okay.

I was listening to two little girls discussing God. Girl A was staying God is dead. Good B said God is still alive, lives in the sky in Heaven, and was a man. This was in a public school, so I just listened. But if they had asked me, I would have told them the Truth.

I lost both of my Little Black books, and was a bit out of sorts about it. I found them both. I have two because when I lost the first one, I obtained a replacement copy at church. Now I have one in the car, and one at home.

Last night 60 Minutes did a report on Archbishop Dolan. I rather liked the report. Did you like it?

Last week I was watching an Oprah show (a rerun I believe), and there was a segment on Catholic nuns and how they marry Christ. Did you see it? What do you think? You can click on this link and watch it. The program almost made me wish I were a nun. I don't think Oprah got it when the Mother Superior said they pray for Oprah everyday. I do think Oprah was genuinely touched by the fact that the nuns do pray for her.

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