Saturday, April 27, 2013

Online Dating

Today I signed up for online dating. A friend came over and did my hair and make-up and took pictures. She not only did that, she helped me write my profile. But her friendship didn't stop there. She brought food and made me lunch. Then we set down and looked through my matches. She recognized one guy because they use to work together!! There was a lot of laughter and girl talk today and more laughter. I hope somebody finds me interesting and attractive.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doctor, Food, Bed

I had a physical today, and all my lab work came back as normal. I couldn't think of any complaints for the doctor. I guess I'm healthy! I am rejoicing in my good health. Thank you, God!

So after the appointment I went to a fast food place (probably a fast way to become unhealthy, but oh well), and the young guy putting my order together called me "Hon." I couldn't believe it. I've had older women call me hon, but not some young man who is probably working his way through his junior year in college. Hey, I'm not complaining. I just thought that was unusual.

Do you ever go to bed at night really, really tired and fall asleep right away only to be awaked the next moment by the alarm clock? The clock said you went to bed seven (7) hours ago, the morning DJ is blabbing away, and the sun is up, but you're pretty sure you fell asleep like two seconds ago. Why is that? I should've asked the doctor since he is a man of science. This morning I got up and said to the clock, "I just went to bed!!!" Why even bother putting on my pajamas?? And no, the clock didn't answer me back.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Because of the weather . . .

I keep thinking it's still winter, and Spring is coming and Easter is yet to be. Easter Sunday came and went so quickly then it snowed that I feel like I truly didn't appreciate or experience Easter. I even went to Easter brunch, but it seemed like just another day. I know it wasn't just another day, but I still think I have time to do little bunny crafts and such. I wonder if it's because I've been working. When I was unemployed, I had more time to ponder such things.      Well, I am still kind of unemployed because I am a temp and have no benefits or paid time off. And come July, I'll be out of work again. How did this post go from Easter to work issues? It just did.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holy Water is Back

I walked into church on Easter morning, and the holy water was back! I was ever so grateful.