Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal George, Softies, St. Joan of Arc

1) Cardinal George has cancer again. I am praying for him.

2) Do I need to order anymore Saintly Softies from Etsy? I really like them. I don't need them. I'm suppose to be paying off my stupid debts, not buying things I don't need. Don't ever take out student loans or use a credit card if you can possibly avoid it. I really like those Saintly Softies. I could get the whole collection! They could be the beanie babies of the decade. What do people do with all their beanie babies now? Do they have any value now? I wonder if people feel stupid for having a whole bunch of them. I feel stupid having all my debt.

3) Several weeks ago, I visited the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on the grounds of Marquette University. It came from France. The docent kept explaining the art and architecture, which I half appreciated. I just wanted to pray in the silence.

The window sill is a stone that St. Joan of Arc stood on while talking to the Virgin Mary. They say the stone remains cooler than the stones around it, however, I did not bother feeling all the stones. You can see how worn the stone is from people touching it.
Cold Stone Still

Chapel came from France

St. Joan of Arc

I wanted to pray in silence


Becky said...

Ok, this might be a dumb question, but did they fly the chapel out to the U.S? I'm assuming you didn't go to France (or did you???)

How cool to see the very place where St.Joan of Arc stood! I understand about wanting to pray in the silence, it's strange how tour guides don't consider that sort of thing even though they're explaining something that's spiritual.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

What a beautiful chapel!!! How would they know which stone St. Joan stood on? I guess ... Maybe they could. :-). We don't have any of the architecture that this church has out in Kansas ... Soooo beautiful!
I don't know what people do with beanie babies now ... pet toys? Kids toys? Stuff them into a big pillow? :-). I thought it was a silly craze for people to waste their life fortunes on them.

Lena said...

Becky, they numbered the stones and dismantled the chapel. Then once the chapel arrived in America, they reassembled the chapel.

If I went to France, I would probably be a lot more excited. Marquette University is in Milwaukee.

Lena said...

That's a great question about the stone! I don't know how they knew which one she stood on.

Lianna said...

That chapel sounds beautiful! I would love to see that sill and be where she stood and talked to the Blessed Mother.

And agreed about debt and credit cards!

Rebecca Frech said...

I would love to go and see it. The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.