Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where's my Affordable Health Care?

A Story in Which I Mistook a PBM for a Miracle

I try to keep this blog about Catholic things, but today I'm failing.

First, at work yesterday I tried to call UPS to schedule a pick-up. Again, it was a hassle, and I got scolded by a UPS man about calling the wrong UPS division. And the UPS driver in the area is a small woman who couldn't possibly lift the packages I had packed said the man. There were more complications. I don't care. All I wanted was a person in a brown uniform to pick up the brown boxes and put them in a brown truck. Then I want the company's account charged.

And yesterday's aggravation included the Take Care Clinic. I couldn't walk-in because I didn't have an appointment. Well, it either needs to be appointment only or walk-in only. And since I was in Walgreens I picked up two prescriptions. One was $5.00, and the other $100.00. Those are the co-pays. Along with some shampoo, body wash, and other sundries, I paid $19.00. I THOUGHT IT WAS A MIRACLE that my $100.00 co-pay was greatly reduced. WRONG. The insurance denied my expensive medication, so the pharmacist didn't bother filling it. Um, it's kind of important that I take this medicine, otherwise, why would I order a refill?????? I nearly cried. I have a two-day supply while I fight with the stupid PBM (prescription drug management) company. I paid $48.00 for the two-day supply.

I am not feeling the love for PBMs or my insurance company of last resort. Oh, Obama, I need some affordable health care!!!!!!!

My local Catholic hospital (don't get me started on their billing department and collection practices) recently sponsored a local event for professional athletes. Does that mean it gave prize money to the athletes? Is that where my heath care dollar is going? I can only afford to pay a dollar at a time.

This morning I sat and wrote another letter to God expressing this and more to put in my prayer box. Though I wrote to God, I still feel grumpy.

I pay $1,540.00 quarterly for my insurance-of-last resort! That's just for me, a single person.

It's not even 8:00 a.m., so there's lots of opportunity for God to fill today with miracles and goodness.

It's also a Holy Day of Obligation.


Becky said...

Sorry to hear your having a hard day. My day got off to a rough start too; I was trying to get to Mass this morning and one thing after another went wrong. I ended up being 20 minutes late for Mass, which is too late for it to be considered an obligation fulfilled. But then I thought of another church and rushed over there, where they were having Mass. I was only 5 minutes late.

I felt peace for a bit but now I'm at home and Dennis is grumpy and high strung, the kids are crabby and I have to do grocery shopping and am very tired for getting up early for a Mass I ended up missing.

But then I think how many roses I can give Our Lady with all my small sufferings, remember, it's the effort the counts, not the success.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

How frustrating!!!!! Why was the pharmacist so dense in not saying anything about not refilling your prescription? That would be a lawsuit if it were the right person.
I hate the fact that health care is so expensive. And the run around you have to do for the price you pay is ridiculous in my book.
Hang in there!