Monday, January 28, 2013

Blue Skies - A Good Reminder While Flying

Depending where you live, you may experience the winter months under a constantly gray, dreary, cloudy sky. Gray, brown, and dim are the days week after week after week.

Flying across America recently (well, not the whole country) in the blue skies ABOVE the gray clouds reminds me that it's always sunny. It may look grim and gray, but that doesn't mean it IS grim and gray. The sun rises every morning:*

Just like GOD is Present everyday even when it doesn't seem that way. 

Keep the faith.

*Obviously, I know the earth revolves, but let's not get technical and ruin the message.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Modern Prayer for Modern Technology

Dear God,

You know how you made those electronically gifted people (some may call them geeks) who design wonderful electronic things for our entertainment, communication and education? That's great God, but,  could you have made the rest of equally gifted so we know how to use them?


I'm talking about how I still don't know how to download the appropriate apps and audiobooks to my iPod Touch.

Plus, I don't know how to use the VCR player that's now hooked up to my cable box. And now that I have been gifted with an actual DVD player, I would like to be able to use that too. There are too many cables and too many buttons on too many remotes.

Now, God, I realize these are first world problems, and you are busy healing sick people and granting mercy left and right, but if you could somehow give me a vision or a teen-ager that could solve these electronic problems, I'd be thankful.

I'm ready to cry out of frustration, and would feel extremely stupid crying over such a problem. But it's a problem.

So if you could some how make my intelligence catch up with technological advances, I would be grateful.  In the meantime, I'll just have a temper tantrum in the privacy of my home.

What is the rest of the story? Have the lawyers run amok?

I found this story on the CNN website. There was a video too, but I didn't include it. I know that lawyers are just doing their job, but . . .


I wonder if there's more to this story, or a different side to it. Did the hospital refuse to treat her or what? Or did she walk into the hospital and instantly keel over and died on the spot?  How could a Catholic hospital allow its lawyers to use such a defense? Is this another case of a Catholic hospital being Catholic in name only and not in practice?

Lawyers for Catholic hospital argue that a fetus is not a person

By Ben Brumfield and Kyung Lah, CNN
Catholic hospital: Fetuses aren't people
updated 4:18 PM EST, Sat January 26, 2013
  • Lori Stodghill and her unborn twins died in the emergency room
  • Colorado courts agreed with the Catholic organization's defense that the embryos weren't people
  • Husband Jeremy Stodghill lost the suit but is appealing to Colorado's Supreme Court
  • The hospital sued him for $118,000 in legal fees
Canon City, Colorado (CNN) -- Life begins at conception, according to the Catholic Church, but in a wrongful death suit in Colorado, a Catholic health care company has argued just the opposite.
A fetus is not legally a person until it is born, the hospital's lawyers have claimed in its defense. And now it may be up to the state's Supreme Court to decide.
Lori Stodghill was 28 weeks pregnant when she went to the emergency room of St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City vomiting and short of breath, according to a court document.
She went into cardiac arrest in the lobby.
"Lori looked up at me, and then her head went down on her chest," said her husband, Jeremy Stodghill.
She died at age 31. Her unborn twin boys perished with her. That was New Year's Day 2006.
Stodghill, left behind to raise their then-2-year-old daughter alone, sued the hospital and its owner, Catholic Health Initiatives, for the wrongful deaths of all three.
After about two years of litigation, defense attorneys for the hospital and doctors entered an argument that shocked the widower.
They said that under state law, an embryo is not person until it is born alive, according to court documents. The Stodghills' twins were deceased when they were removed from their mother's lifeless body.
"I didn't even get to hold them," Jeremy Stodghill said. "I have an autopsy picture. That's all I've got."
The court agreed with the argument, and Stodghill lost the suit. The court also ruled against Stodghill in the case of his wife for other legal reasons.
The hospital and doctors then sued him for over $118,000 legal fees and attempted to garnish his wages, according to a legal document filed on his behalf.
The defendants offered to forget the fees if Stodghill dropped his appeal. He refused and filed for bankruptcy to avoid having to pay the claim, which he says he can't afford as he struggles to raise his now-9-year-old daughter, Libby.
Stodghill has petitioned the Colorado Supreme Court to hear his case, and he'd like to hear from the Catholic Church.
Representatives of the Catholic bishops of Colorado declined to comment on the legal proceedings, but said they will review the litigation and Catholic Health Initiatives' practices "to ensure fidelity and faithful witness to the teachings of the Catholic Church."
Catholic Health Initiatives would not speak to CNN on camera, but said in a statement, "In this case... as Catholic organizations, (we) are in union with the moral teachings of the Church."
Stodghill wears a tattoo on his chest with his unborn sons' footprints, their names and the words "our sons."
He wants the church and his state to see them the same way.

My Catholic Purchases from Etsy - Updated with Links

I ordered the rosaries from Becky's Etsy Shop (Roses for Mary).

I ordered the softies from Saintly Silver.

I am calling the St. Juan Diego softie a twofer because not only do you get St. Juan Diego, but you also get the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He's so cute.


Roses for Mary

Saint Softies

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vacation Report

My vacation to the Gulf Coast was very restful and lovely. The weather was sunny and only required a light sweater or jacket during the day. Now I'm back in Shiver Land. I turned off the heat in my apartment before I left. It's running full blast now, but my home is still cold. However, I have flannel pajamas and warm blankets, so I'll be fine.

Anyway, it must be a FAA regulation that male airline pilots be especially handsome, and it doesn't hurt that they are wearing uniforms.

On my first flight, I was intrigued by the man in my row who was NOT wearing a wedding ring, but was studying the Bible. Between his worksheets and New Jerusalem Bible, he barely noticed I was alive. The first worksheet was on the Holy Spirit, and the second worksheet was about the disciples.

I always say Hail Marys during take-off. Even though the science of flight has been explained to me many times, I still find it pretty remarkable that heavy planes are way up in the air. I thanked God each time we landed.

One perk of staying with my relatives was that they decided when we ate and where and what. They also determined the schedule of the day. It was like being a child again, and I enjoyed going along for the ride. I enjoyed not having to think about the details of daily life and schedules, etc. It was like being on the lazy river of life.

Saw a number of movies. Half of them were porn because that's how movies are these days. These were popular movies. Also, I wonder if the actors and actresses are embarrassed by performing certain scenes and appearing nude.

Hey, Hollywood, private parts are called private parts FOR A REASON.

I am not thrilled with violence either. I spent quite a bit of my viewing time hiding behind a blanket. Every comfortable home has a blanket draped over the back of the sofa, and my cousins had such a blanket.

If you would like to help protect eyes from raunchy images, head over to Becky's blog,, and order a chaplet. I need to do a better job of monitoring what I watch as an adult. Maybe I should just stick to movies that feature talking animals.

Another thing I need to work on is not so serious. I overpack each and every time I travel.

I saw a barge that was named St. Padre Pio. Yes, you can honor God and the saints while partaking in commerce and industry.

We spent one afternoon at a museum. Even though it's was my fourth or fifth visit to this place, I still enjoyed it and saw new exhibits.

I really cut back on the souvenirs I bought. It's cheaper that way.

I am so grateful I had the means and opportunity to have such a lovely trip this winter, and that my cousins treat me so well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working Again

I started working another temp assignment this week. Yay for an income! Thank you, God. And since I already had a vacation planned and air tickets purchased, this is a short work week for me. I'm going on vacation soon then I'll return to complete my temp assignment, which should last until mid-summer.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lemon Fresh

I went to confession at a different parish this evening. I walked in the church and wished there was a big sign that said "Sinners Line Up Here," with a big arrow and a long line, but no. Instead I had to go the back of "foyer" of the church and ask an usher-like man, "Where do I go to confession?" I was surprised that a little girl voice came out of my mouth, but I was worried that there wasn't confession happening despite what I read on the church's website. Also, I felt stupid and vulnerable.

Gratefully, the usher didn't say, "You pathetic little thing, sinful you, don't you know what's going on?" I was afraid of what he would think of me or that I'm not a practicing Catholic. I just didn't want to go to my own church because of SHAME. Honestly, you would think I was the only sinner since Adam and Eve.

Of course, the usher didn't mock or shame me. He did what a good usher man does and that was kindly walk me over to the confessional with the light system.


for the 

first time

in my


I went 

to confession 

in the little phone booth type room.

For the first time, there was a barrier between me and the priest and a kneeler. I actually knelt and spoke through this curtain and I LIKED IT.

I've always gone face-to-face previously.

So I confessed my sin.

The priest didn't just wave me off and forgive me quickly. This was NO HOLIDAY EXPRESS let's get the line moving say the Act of Contrition on your own time kind of reconciliation.

He asked some questions to get a quick picture of the situation. He gave me some good advice, spoke the truth pointing out some of the UGLY, and threw in some compassion, and we completed the sacrament.

And it was good.

I could have cried.

Why? Relief. Compassion. I believe the priest and God wanted the BEST for me as a child of God.

It is HIS JOB to point out the truth of the UGLY, but he did it kindly but directly.

Then I attended the vigil Mass knowing I was right with God again.

Since it is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we got sprinkled with holy water, so I felt extra clean.

I am all Lemon Fresh again.


Hopefully I can keep this feelin' and do a better job of staying on the straight and narrow with God's help.

Modern Guilt for Modern Times

I may or may not start a new temp job next week. I've been going back and forth with the temp agency, who has been going back and forth with the Big Company. One person has to confirm or pass information up and down the chain and the process gets slowed down.

On Thursday I told temp agency person I can start on Monday. Temp Agency Person said I'll receive an email on Friday with details of the assignment. I left my home in the afternoon.

I do not have a smart phone.

I have a new cell phone of normal intelligence (read cheap) that only person has the number to. I choose to not be attached to my cell phone all the time. I choose not to live that cell phone lifestyle. I have a a landline phone, and plenty of people have that phone number.

When I came home yesterday evening there was a message on my phone and an email from the Temp Agency guy. It wasn't the email with the details of where to go on Monday or the name of the manager. (Big Company has many branches). He just needed me to confirm that I can start work on Monday. Then once I'll confirm, he'll tell his people and so on and so on. But on Friday evening the temp agency and big company are closed.

So, I suppose I'm not working Monday. I don't know where I would go.

The point is that I have guilt over this missed message. Guilt because I choose to keep my cell phone number a secret. Actually it's so new that I don't even know the number without looking.

Maybe this is the reason I'm not making six figures as an executive - I like keeping work and personal life in their separate boxes.

I feel BAD I do not live the Cell Phone (or Smart Phone) lifestyle. I feel irresponsible like I'm letting down my employers.

However, God does not require me to have a cell phone. It's not one of the 10 commandments. Nor is it mentioned in the Gospel. Is there a Vatican encyclical or bull about this?

I realize I have to keep up with the times, but . . .

It's not like I am a doctor who must rush to perform lifesaving surgery.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rejoice - Home in Wisconsin

Dominic Pio is home. Read the good news at

Done List


  • I updated my resume. It was easier than I thought.
  • I made some phone calls to temp agencies and emailed them my new resume. Having had two successful temp assignments last year has built my self-confidence, so the phone calling was easier than I thought.
  • I said some Hail Marys when I awoke and before I got out of bed for Dominic Pio. I'm praying he gets well and is able to go home soon. He and his mom have to get home due to something about badgers eating cheese. Actually, they miss the rest of their family, and the family misses them. I suspect Baby Dominic is sick and tired about getting needle pokes.

  • I will continue with my novena for the eradication of my student loans.

  • I met a friend at Starbucks to exchange Christmas presents. Oh my, that Starbucks really busy and noisy mid-morning. I walked in and thought, "Doesn't anybody work anymore?" Guess not, including myself. Actually lots of people there were conducting meetings and using their laptops.
  • One gift I received was Symbols that Surround Us by Johan van Parys. I forgot I wanted that book in the past summer, but my friend remembered. It's a Catholic book published by Ligouri Publications. 

  • I helped my dad with his paperwork. Usually I hate doing that because the man is so DISORGANIZED, but this was an easy task. I found the important document that he needs for a meeting today and felt good about helping him. Then I went home and turned on Dr. Phil who was doing a show on elder abuse. Grateful that my dad is able to live independently and not in a nursing home. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Must Continue to Pray, Pray, Pray and Donate Blood

This is NOT me.
So many causes to pray for. I am continuing my novena. I am cranking up my prayers for Dominic Pio. This little babe reminds us that we should donate blood if we are healthy and meet all the requirements. I don't know how donating blood fits in with the corporeal works of mercy, but I'm sure someone can figure out a spiritual tie-in. We should donate even if we are afraid of needles. The person needing blood is probably more afraid of DYING. We can overcome our fear of needles. Let's not be wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.

I must go to confession before my plane trip next week, though I'm more likely to die on the highway to the airport than from a plane crash, statistically speaking.

Not me either. I'm not putting on high heels to hula hoop. That's just silly.
In lighter news, I bought a hula hoop at Target today. I just felt like it. I figure it's a cheap piece of exercise equipment that is fun. It's my apartment, and I can hula hoop if I want to.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dirt on the Soul

The week before Christmas I went to confession, and was feeling all clean and fresh for the Holy Day and the start of the new year. I looked forward to becoming a better Catholic in 2013.


Feeling disgusted with my sinful, weak self who has already taken the easy way in important areas instead of the more difficult path.

I just want to cry.

Also, skipped saying my novena yesterday. Does that mean I double-up today or extend the novena for an extra day? What's the proper procedure?

Another non-edyfing behavior I partook in was following a dude-friend into the store at the mall. I knew better. Yuck. Do NOT enter that store. It's base. Just seeing some of those products made me want to take a shower.

Lord, have mercy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Eleventh Day of Christmas - Money Thoughts

Yesterday I started a novena to St. Therese of the Little Flower. Sometime last year, I dreamt of her, so I took it as a sign. I'm a little slow to heed the signs. But anyway, one of my student loans almost went into default if I didn't pay $10,000+ now. Gasp! So I made a phone call, sent a smaller check, and have more paperwork to do. On that loan, I ran out of forbearances.

Anyway, my intentions of this novena is to payoff my student loans. You see, my parents paid for my B.A. degree, but during my 30's, I decided to improve myself and go to graduate school, thus took out the loans. I didn't even finish graduate school! I dropped out of graduate school and went to art school and dropped out of art school. Back then, like many, many people, I did have a full-time job.

Also yesterday, I filed for unemployment, and that experience was pretty straightforward. Sure, I had to wait several hours at the unemployment office, but that's why I brought a book. I started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, copyright 2011.

Lesson One: The Rich Don't Work for Money. "The poor and middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them." This chapter talks about fear, greed, and ignorance. It mentions about rising above emotions and thinking. Hmm.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ninth Day of Christmas

It's my first regular day of my new year in which I hope to lead a happier life by clearing out more of the clutter  and going boldly and excitedly into my unknown future.

So far, I've managed to talk to my contact at the temp agency and wash the dishes.

Dear God, having dirty dishes shows me that I've never gone hungry. Sure I've eaten crappy meals, but I'm not starving. Dear God, help me now that I'm unemployed again.

Dear Holy Sprit, please continue to hold and strengthen Mary, the mother of Baby Dominic Pio.