Monday, January 7, 2013

Must Continue to Pray, Pray, Pray and Donate Blood

This is NOT me.
So many causes to pray for. I am continuing my novena. I am cranking up my prayers for Dominic Pio. This little babe reminds us that we should donate blood if we are healthy and meet all the requirements. I don't know how donating blood fits in with the corporeal works of mercy, but I'm sure someone can figure out a spiritual tie-in. We should donate even if we are afraid of needles. The person needing blood is probably more afraid of DYING. We can overcome our fear of needles. Let's not be wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.

I must go to confession before my plane trip next week, though I'm more likely to die on the highway to the airport than from a plane crash, statistically speaking.

Not me either. I'm not putting on high heels to hula hoop. That's just silly.
In lighter news, I bought a hula hoop at Target today. I just felt like it. I figure it's a cheap piece of exercise equipment that is fun. It's my apartment, and I can hula hoop if I want to.


Becky said...

Oh my goodness, I tried to hoola hoop to teach Lucy and I think I have no hips. I just kept falling to the floor.

I agree about blood donation! I need to do it too. Every time I wanted to do it, I was pregnant and even though I think you can still donate blood when you're pregnant, Dennis didn't want me to. He felt with my luck, i would need it.

But I think next time there's a blood drive, I will donate--because you're right--there are people out there who really need it!

I am A negative. There aren't too many people who are negative.

It figures that even my blood is negative.

noreen said...

Amen to your Blog title Lena! Eucharist Always is a fantastic name for a blog. Now, if only all Catholics believed in the True Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Praying for that.

I like your comment about not being wimpy about donating blood. A needle stick is much less intense than worrying about staying alive. We need to stop focusing on ourselves and do a better job about serving others.

God bless. I found your blog from Baby Dominic. I've been praying daily for him too.

Lena said...

Becky, the trick is to move your hips really fast. I'm working on the hula-ing. I don't think they allow pregnant women to donate blood just to be on the safe side.

Noreen - welcome to my blog. My First Communion (way back when) was a very important day in my life. It really stands out.