Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Done List


  • I updated my resume. It was easier than I thought.
  • I made some phone calls to temp agencies and emailed them my new resume. Having had two successful temp assignments last year has built my self-confidence, so the phone calling was easier than I thought.
  • I said some Hail Marys when I awoke and before I got out of bed for Dominic Pio. I'm praying he gets well and is able to go home soon. He and his mom have to get home due to something about badgers eating cheese. Actually, they miss the rest of their family, and the family misses them. I suspect Baby Dominic is sick and tired about getting needle pokes.

  • I will continue with my novena for the eradication of my student loans.

  • I met a friend at Starbucks to exchange Christmas presents. Oh my, that Starbucks really busy and noisy mid-morning. I walked in and thought, "Doesn't anybody work anymore?" Guess not, including myself. Actually lots of people there were conducting meetings and using their laptops.
  • One gift I received was Symbols that Surround Us by Johan van Parys. I forgot I wanted that book in the past summer, but my friend remembered. It's a Catholic book published by Ligouri Publications. 

  • I helped my dad with his paperwork. Usually I hate doing that because the man is so DISORGANIZED, but this was an easy task. I found the important document that he needs for a meeting today and felt good about helping him. Then I went home and turned on Dr. Phil who was doing a show on elder abuse. Grateful that my dad is able to live independently and not in a nursing home. 


Becky said...

Is that your tree that I see on your blog, or a picture? It's beautiful.

Yes, elderly abuse happens more often than people know. It's very sad. I worked in a nursing home, and I saw border line abuse all the time. I had to report a worker a few times, and that's always uncomfortable.

I suspect it's uncomfortable for the resident too, or even more so, which is why I report it.

Keep your Dad out of a nursing home if you're able to--it's worth it!

Lena said...

That's not my tree. It's a stock photo I found on the Internet to symbolize Christmas.

My actual tree, which is artificial, looks like someone took a bite out of it. It's very strange.

Good for you for reporting the abusive workers.

My dad had to spend time in a rehab/nursing facility for a bad leg (long story), and I was there almost everyday except for the week when he had the stomach flu, and I had the stomach flu. One silver lining of being unemployed at the time was that I was able to monitor his care.