Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Planned Parenthood Commercials

Since the House voted to defund PP, this organization is now broadcasting ads. The PP ads (on the radio) say that it provides health care for women and families. Really?

Do they really provide health care for men or just pass out to condoms? Can a man walk in and ask for condoms? Do any men ever go to PP alone? See, I'm ignorant of PP's services.

What kind of health care does PP provide for children? You see, many families have children. You know, children are those short people whom you have to feed, clothe, nurse back to health, take to school, etc. Does PP have pediatricians? Do they provide necessary vaccinations for babies?

Some families consist of women who are ending their childbearing years. Do they help women through menopause? How?

Some families have senior citizens. Does PP provide geriatric care?

I bet a real family practitioner can provide services for all patients of all ages across the entire life span.

It's so easy to pick on PP.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Winnie-the-Pooh Picture

There's a Winnie-the-Pooh picture at the bottom of this block.

"Why?" you wonder

"Because I like Winnie-the-Pooh," I answer.

You may also notice the cupcake picture. I like cupcakes too.

Maybe, just maybe, if we go walking through the Hundred Acre Wood (is it woods?), we will come across a sweet little chapel. We just haven't read about the chapel because Pooh, Piglet and company have been looking for Huffalumps.

If  Eeyore were human, I would recommend that he read the Psalms. 

Please, please, if you find any dirt on A.A. Milne, please don't tell me.

But you may tell me about any spelling errors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Over It - Sacrastin

Previously I wrote of being anxious when I am a communion minister and how being a sacrastin is especially stressful. If I knew how to link to that post, I would. The point is that I am now a sacrastin without anxiety. I just take it one step at a time. If I have to run up and down to the altar then that is what I do. Of course I wait until after Mass to do that running around. As long as I don't feel rushed, I'll be okay. And I can always ask for help from another communion minister.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Special Day, My First Communion

On this day in 1973 I made my First Holy Communion. I like to remember my most important anniversary. The Mass was at 2:00 pm, and my godmother called me earlier that day to congratulate me because she lived several states away. My godfather and his family, more friends, and relatives came to my First Communion Mass and to my home to celebrate afterwards.

We second graders lined up by height, and I was second. The entrance song was "Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing . . .. ."

My mother made my communion dress out of the train of her wedding dress. The sleeves were bells sleeves like the angels wore. I thought I had the prettiest dress and felt sorry for the girls who were wearing store bought dresses.

We each had a paper red heart with our first name pinned to our chest so Fr. Morris would say our name when he said, "Body of Christ."

From then on, I started counting the number of times I went to Communion because each time was very exciting. I eventually lost track though.

I am happy to report that my parents remained happily married till my mom's death six years ago. Both of my godparents are still alive, and we keep in touch. The street in front of that church is named Rev. Morris Blvd. Now I am a communion minister and still find it exciting to receiving the body and blood of Christ.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Religious Downgrade or How NOT to Defend the Catholic Faith

 I was sitting with my craft group and conversation turned to personal matters. We've gotten to know one another better, and find more differences in each other. The more we find out about each other, the more annoying we become to one another. New Age Woman was telling us about how she officially joined a new age church and no longer attends the Catholic church.

Light-hearted atheist Woman said, "Now you have completed your religion upgrade."

Snippily I said, "I call it a downgrade."
Atheist Woman laughed.

I know being snippy and rude was wrong. I'll explain: I am the only Catholic in the group. The only other Christian is wishy-washy. Others have grown-up Christian and rejected it. Some just haven't been exposed.

They often made anti-Catholic comments, which angered me. They said they were teasing, and I said I didn't like those comments. But without their anti-Catholic comments, I wouldn't have become a more solid Catholic.

One day, I marched into church angry that my crafty friends didn't like Catholicism. Once I listened to the homily, I realized that my faith is more important and better than trying to put up with crafty friends. Now is that actual grace or sanctifying grace? I'll figure that out later.

And if crafty friends talk about my "silly beliefs" or "cult" behind my back, so be it. Christ never said following Him would be easy.

You may ask why I hang around these people. "Why do you hang around these people?" you ask.

"Because I like them for their other aspects of personality. They are fun, they are intelligent, they are supportive of my craft, and they are different from myself. They are multi-dimensional, just as we all are."

I must stand up for my Church because I am standing up for the Eucharist. I am standing up for what's important to me. However, a verbal jab is not the best way even though I believe my statement is TRUE. What could I have said instead?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Unplanned by Abby Johnson

I read this book yesterday about Abby's journey from being a director at Planned Parenthood to joining the Coalition for Life. When Abby showed up at Coalition for Life, that's when I cried. It was good crying. There is joy in doing the right thing, and there's joy in reconciliation.

When I read about the Grim Reaper showing up on the pro-life side of the fence, I thought that would scare away any woman from getting near a pro-life person. I liked how the pro-lifers and PP staff got to know each other's names.

I wonder what young Taylor who testified is doing these days.

Centering the Header

I messed around with the header and the text and shabbyblog, and couldn't get any of it to look the way I wanted it to. At first I was looking for shaggyblog.