Monday, March 19, 2012

Bloggy Mood & Born Free

I'm in a bloggy mood tonight, so here's another post. Does anybody remember the movie Born Free? It was on television last night, so I watched some of it. As cute as those lion cubs were, I would not want them running around my house destroying things. Also, that song got stuck in my head. Thankfully, it's gone now.

Anybody else doing the rice bowl thing at your parish?

Are there always people selling things in the back of your church? Every Sunday somebody is selling tickets or items for a good cause. I'm getting tired of it. 

When you give your money for the Sunday collection, do you feel like you are giving money to God? I do not. I think I am part of the parish community, and it is my responsibility to help contribute to the payment of the electric bill.

I think part of the reason children fuss at church is because they can't see what is going on especially if they're sitting in the back. When everyone stands up, the kids just see people's butts. 

Why are people hesitant to sit in the front for Mass? Why are all those people standing in back (and sometimes in the hallway) when there are plenty of empty sits towards the front? Really, I've sat in front many times and no priest has ever thrown things at me or any other front row people. It's not like sitting in the front row at Sea World where you'll get splashed by Shamu. What are people afraid of? God can still see you if you're in the back. Also so can the priest because he's on a stage basically. What's the church term for stage?

Let's see, I already wrote about girl altar boys. Yes, I still think it's strange. Are there girl altar boys in other countries or just in wacky America?

I wonder if the Pope (past or present) ever thinks of American Catholics as his problem children.

I also think liturgical dancing as wacky. I do like drums and guitars at Mass. Am I modern or a traditionalist?

Because I am getting political material and calls from both Democratic and Republican candidates, I am also confused about my political identity. Ha!

When I was younger, people actually held their babies during Mass. Nowadays, people don't hold their babies. Instead they carry the babies in their car seats. Aren't those really heavy?

Remember the phrase Sunday best? Don't I sound old? How could I sound so old and feel so young? Why do we dress like slobs when we go to Mass? I secretly wish the pastor would write a letter in the bulletin about proper dress. I don't like dressing up much myself. Yes, I'm full of contradictions tonight.

It's in my best interest to go to bed now, so I will get a good night's sleep for work tomorrow. But I don't wanna go to bed. I want to stay up and have fun.  There's nothing fun going on in my apartment, believe me. If there were fun here, I'd be the first to know. No fun here. Move along.

Thanks for reading. Thrill me by leaving a comment. PLEASE! I'm begging. That's pathetic. Oh well.


Becky said...

You're hilarious!

Here's a few of my thoughts. Yes, we are doing the rice bowl thing too. Every time my kids make a sacrifice, they get to put a quarter in the rice bowl. (Oops, I owe them a few quarters for eating their yucky dinner!)

Laughed at the Sea World comment...the Pope comment too. Yes, we are the problem children.

I am tired too of the way people dress at church! I don't know what it's like at yours, but at the Mass I go to (I have to go to the evening Mass on Sundays because of work and schedule conflicts) people are getting home from soccer practice and all that, and come dressed looking like they're going to a baseball game. And with the weather being warmer, the girls are back in their super short shorts. It makes me uncomfortable. They shouldn't be dressing like that. I wish the priest would do something about it.

I have an answer for the car seat question. At least, here is the reason why I prefer to carry the baby in the car seat rather than carry him.

For whatever reason, it's a lot harder to put babies in their carseats when the car seat is in the car. It's the way you have to angle the baby in or something--it's very awkward and uncomfortable for the baby (who tends to not like car seats anyway). It's much easier to put babies in and out of the car seat when the car seat is out of the car, so that's why most people just prefer to carry the baby in the car seat. Not to mention some of them are sleeping. But yes, those car seats are heavy.

I can't remember the other things you said, but thanks for the laugh! I hope you find some fun tonight!

aka the Mom said...

Those car seats are CRAZY heavy and very inconvenient. I tell people to get a sling and hold the baby close. It swaddles them in and they sleep. They don't listen. I'm the crazy lady with the big family. But the ones that try it never go back to carrying the bucket.

I commented. Are you thrilled? You shouldn't be. I'm not that exciting.

Lena said...

Yes, I am thrilled that I rec'd both comments. Thank you.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

LOL at the kids seeing people's butts. Its true. Kids should have a front row seat at Mass and then would have a clue about what's going on. I know people arrive late and sit in the back, but the trend should be to sit up FRONT! I'm with ya on that.
Liturgical dancing ... I've only seen that once, by a nun, no less, and it was WIERD! I'd say you're a traditionalist. Me too. :-)
I also agree with your "Sunday Best". Like you, I like that people dress up more, but also like you, I hate to dress up. I need to buy nicer (bigger) clothes that fit, but don't want to spend the money and think about myself getting fatter. So I wear my jeans. Its horrible.
Wonderful post! Love your thoughts!

Mena said...

I'm a little late to the party, but here's a comment anyway.
Re Born Free: I haven't seen it, but I don't like pets, least of all furry house pets. What a mess - and I have a hard enough time cleaning up after myself.
I don't know what the rice bowl thing is; but then, I attend the Latin Mass, so you can guess what my opinions are on altar girls and liturgical dancing as well.
For the collection, I never really thought of it as donating to God; Christian duty, yes, that God will take into account, but I know I'm paying for necessary costs like utilities bills, priest's stipend, etc. and I'm okay with that. I need my wages too.
I usually sit somewhere in the middle for Mass. Even if I wanted to sit in the front (I don't - I like to be inconspicuous) my parish has two large families that pick the front pew on each side every Sunday, which is fine.
Car seats are a royal/heavy/awkward pain, and I don't even have children (or a husband, so I don't even have a current possibility of having children). Hold your babies, people! It's better for them anyway - the position those bucket seats put them in can restrict breathing. Besides which, human touch is important.
You're not old; or if you are, so am I. I have Sunday clothes and Sunday shoes. But I like getting dressed up, at least for Mass and work. Saturdays are my jeans days.
And finally, there's not much fun going on at my apartment either; but from one Catholic singleton to another, if we lived anywhere near each other I'd invite you over for a chat. I like your writing, think you're hilarious, and hope you find someone (male) who appreciates you properly and loves you to bits, stat.
This comment is longer than it is thrilling - I apologize. Good night!

Lena said...

Welcome to the party, and I'm thrilled with all your comments.