Monday, March 19, 2012

A Perfect Lily - Prenatal Testing

Check out this blog  also known as A Perfect Lily. I added a button (scroll down). The writer of this blog has been writing a very important series about pre-natal testing. Actually, if you're pro-life you really don't need to be convinced that every life is worth living.

Hey, if you have been encouraged to abort because your unborn baby (aka fetus) may have Down Syndrome then go to this blog.  Heck, if your baby may have Down Syndrome or some other "defect" then  go to this blog.

Or if you just think cute children are cute because they're cute, then go to that blog. Or if you wish you could just be a little person in a big family, go to that blog.

Patti, Lily's mom, also writes a lot and advocates for orphans on Reese's Rainbows. You may have guessed that Lily is Patti's 10th child. That is correct. Patti and her husband are expecting baby number 11.


Monica said...

Have you heard of Nella Cordelia?

A blessing in disguise to be sure, but still absolutely a blessing.

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