Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Post involving Dirty Water and Dangerous Chemicals

Mass was rather confusing today, and I was annoyed. I think it was the whole clock change situation. Really, Mass was Mass, and I need to own up to my inner crab and not blame the clock thing. Can we just stop fiddling with the clocks and daylight saving time?

Today we prayed for people who get sick from drinking contaminated water. There was a lady in the back of the church who was raising money to provide a well for poor people in a far away country. I notice a tie-in, kind of like product placement.

I have remained child-free thus far, but sometimes I feel like a parent to my elderly parent. Anybody out there have elders that need some care? This past week I dropped Dad off at his Knights of Columbus meeting. I felt like a mom dropping off her teen-ager at CCD. Luckily, he found a ride home because I think his meetings run late. Then today at the store, I had to walk him to the men's room and wait for him outside. I didn't want to lose him in the store again. He wanted a drink, so I had to take him to the coffee bar.  I'll let you know if I start carrying around little bags of Cheerios for him to snack on when we're out.

This morning when I was cooking my eggs, I noticed black flakes in my eggs. The flakes were not pepper. It was time to buy a new frying pan. I threw out my old frying pan with the eggs still in it. Ick.

Also today I tried a new art project involving dangerous chemicals. The project was a total failure, and I didn't even have fun. Enough with the toxic substances today. I am only doing art projects that are safe for children to do. I do not intend to kill myself through art.

Oh, if you don't know about Reese's Rainbow, check it out. At least pray for the orphans if you can't adopt them. Again, it really stinks that adoption costs so much money. If I were a better blogger, I'd provide a link.

Prayer Buddy, I'm praying for you!

Time for bed. Have a good week.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I am 1000% behind you on the not messing with daylight savings time. I'm so tired of thinking of the saying, then saying it out loud slowly, then finally figuring out whether I move the clock forward or back. UGH!!!
Sorry about your dad needing more care. I remember you posting about losing him and I know it can't be much fun watching someone so close.