Monday, March 19, 2012

Charity Auction, OLOG, & Misc.


Ah, it feels good to be a working person. I wish I weren't a temp because it's nice, easy work and I get paid, so I would like it to be continued. I like this set-up! Okay, I know I am underemployed. I am just happy to be useful and get paid and be surrounded by reasonable people. Plus the executives treated us to a pizza lunch today.

Tomorrow I vote. Will that end the robot calls from campaigners? It's sad those are the only calls I get. I think I was less lonely when people actually called to talk to me instead of sending emails.

I stopped at the library on my way home and saw my friend and her husband cycling by on this warm, sunny day. Oh, I want someone to bike riding with or go for a walk with.

Yesterday I went to a church-related charity auction and luncheon. My complaint is that it started two and half hours before the lunch. I did not know lunch would be so late, so I ate no breakfast. I had to make small talk and eat fried appetizers for TWO and HALF HOURS.  Sorry, I forgot to offer up my hunger as a Lenten sacrifice.

No, I did not get any drinks from the cash bar. Nor did I bid on anything. There wasn't anything I wanted. My friend (not a close friend) I rode with bid on lots of stuff and ended up spending LOTS of money on some things she really didn't want. Yay for her for contributing to the cause, but the ticket price alone was expensive for me. I realize part of the ticket price went to pay for the chicken lunch, but it was a big donation in my checkbook. By her remarks I feel like I made some kind of charitable faux pas. Oh well. Obviously in this group, I was a pauper.

Oh, the phone is ringing. Could it be a friend or a robot? I will answer now.

- - - - -

It was a fundraising call for an organization I never heard of. I said I am unable to contribute right now. I am putting money in my cardboard rice bowl, which is more of a rice thing. What's that shape that is like a square, but the top is shorter than the bottom? Gosh, geometry was a LONG time ago. Anyway, there's nothing round about the cardboard rice bowl. It's not a rice cube, but close.

The powers that be in the U.K. are trying to outlaw Christians wearing crosses. In solidarity, I am wearing my gold Our Lady of Guadalupe medal. It's big and shiny and from Mexico It was a lot bigger when I was a little girl. I wore it ALL THE TIME when I was growing up. I mean I never took it off. Never, never. In childhood pictures the chain was so long, the medal hung down to my belly button area. I was probably born wearing it. No, not really. It's not something I remember receiving, just something that was as part of me as my birthmark is part of me. I even wore it in high school. It has teeth marks on the back of it because I use to chew on it. Maybe it served as a teething ring. I also attended a Catholic grade school for seven years, so a religious medal was no big deal.

Then I went to college and became friends with an angry feminist. Then I tried to be stylish.

These days when I wear it, I feel like I am making a statement.  Sometimes it's tucked into my blouse or shirt, and sometimes it's not. I want to wear it all the time now. I want it to become part of me again. I want to think I am under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

She is the patron saint of the Americas.

I also want to get rid of my stomachache. I think I ate too much pizza at lunch. I guess I got so excited it was my favorite and it was FREE. Prayer Buddy, this stomach ache is for you (in a Christian suffering kind of way, not that I wish you had a stomach ache.)

 Have a good week, my readers.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Lena, great to catch up with you! I'm glad you are having such a great time at work (yay for pizza!!!).
I don't think you are obligated to buy things at an auction. I wouldn't if I didn't like anything either.