Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lose, Lose, and Lose Again

I've been reading blogs by women who suffered ectopic pregnancies. For those who don't know what it is means, it's when a growing embryo is stuck in a tube (not a test tube) or someplace else except the uterus. If it's stuck in the tube, the tube will eventually rupture and cause great pain and bleeding. The expectant mother COULD DIE from this. The embryo WILL CERTAINLY DIE. The embryo MUST BE REMOVED one way or another if the expectant mother is to LIVE. It's not a pretty picture at all. I was surprised that some Catholic bloggers are very particular on the way the embryo is removed. Of course, they are quoting church doctrine and documents from this that and the other thing. I think the embryo should be removed in the way that is best medically for the mother. It's a situation of DOOM. It's a pregnancy of DOOM. The embryo is going to die if it's removed and it's going to die if stays in the mother. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. What the mother needs is some tender, loving, care because it's a sad, sad, sad situation. The mother is going to LOSE the baby. That's a certainty.

Then there was a blog titled Zippy Catholic. Zippy (not to be confused with Zippy the Squirrel) who said it's unjust to pay women equally for equal work because the man has to support the family. Well, Zippy here just undermined my dignity as a woman by saying that. I just want to hit Zipps with a frying pan. People like Zipps make me not want to be Catholic. I don't want to lose earning power because I am a woman. And I shouldn't. That's sexist. I have talents, I have skills, and I have a brain and should be compensated for the work I do using my God-given talents, skills, education and brain.

I just have to remind myself that Zippy is NOT the church. Zippy is NOT the church.

Right now I'm a Catholic who is angry at some of my fellow Catholics who are way at the other end of the spectrum of Catholicism.


First Sunday of Advent

Yesterday I passed out Advent Calendars to a group of friends at lunch. Most of them are not Christian, but readily accepted them. Do they know what Advent is? The calendar had to be explained to a few of them. However, they do celebrate Christmas. Someone suggested we do a Secret Santa, so we drew names. I am glad that Christ's name is part of Christmas. They seem to like getting into the spirit of it all. Since I made the Advent calendars, I'm glad they were happy to receive them. I like sharing the Christmas spirit with them.

The closing song at today's Mass was the rousing "City of God."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesus Left at the Altar

On Sunday when I went to Communion there was no Communion minister offering the cup on my side of the church. The other line to Communion for the other side of the church had a minister offering the cup. I felt cheated even though I know the Host is complete in itself. Then when the lines had dwindled down to just a few people, I noticed that a chalice was left on the altar because there was no Communion minister to take the Chalice and serve it. I felt bad. I am a Communion minister. I could have stepped up to the table and served. However, I did not notice that this Mass was short one minister. I need to pay attention on how many ministers there should be serving at each Mass. Then I need to step forward when necessary. The priest and other communion ministers sure had to consume a lot of leftover wine.

Poor Jesus was left alone on the altar. Like a wallflower at a school dance. Like a bride left at the altar. Ouch. Let's not leave Jesus alone. He wants to be with His people. We are his people.


Yesterday I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, and it was over so quickly. Thank you, God, that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.