Thursday, November 29, 2012

God, I do NOT understand

All across the land, across the ocean, we blogger people are weeping over the death of little Henry from Bringing Henry Home.

I am so sad and confused why this innocent baby suffered so much. I am so sad for his mother, father, and siblings who now have this gaping hole in their family. I don't understand.

Oh, I understand how quickly an infection can wipe out a little body (or even a big body).

I don't understand WHY his little life had to end this way and so soon.

God, sometimes I do NOT understand You and Your Ways.

Yet, I know we are created in the image and likeness of God.
We are His Children.
We are blessed with the sacraments.
We are all going to die.
Our souls will live forever in Heaven.
We are all One Body, and it hurts when one part leaves.
We will all meet again in Everlasting Life.

Oh God, the tears I shed for this child whom I never even met are probably nothing compared to the tears of his parents.

It's kind of amazing that I read comment after comment on Carla's blog, and everyone is crying. People I never met and don't even know are crying over this one little life gone.
Because life is precious. And behind every digital imagine is a person.

God, why, oh, why????

I trust God, that Mother Mary is rocking Henry in her arms, and Jesus is patting him on his precious little head.

I thank you, God, that Henry did know the LOVE of a real family who gave so much for him.

There is no pain where Henry is, but people are HURTING down here. People are weeping.

Oh, God, hear our prayer, comfort the mourners. Wrap Henry's family in your loving arms.

Oh, God, I still don't understand much, but I trust in You and the communion of saints.

Remember us in our walk down here on Earth. Sometimes the path is very rocky with a cold wind.

Monday, November 26, 2012

AAP Recommends Emergency Contraception for Teens

Did you see the latest recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics?

How healthy is this?

AAP Recommends Emergency Contraception Be Available to Teens


For Release:  November 26, 2012
Teen pregnancies have declined over the past few decades, but the United States continues to see substantially higher teen birth rates compared to other developed countries. A new policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discusses the use of emergency contraception and how it can reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy in adolescents. The statement, “Emergency Contraception,” will be published in the December 2012 Pediatrics and released online Nov. 26. According to the AAP, adolescents are more likely to use emergency contraception if it’s prescribed in advance. Many teens continue to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse, and as many as 10 percent are victims of sexual assault. Other indications for use include contraceptive failures (defective or slipped condoms, or missed or late doses of other contraceptives). When used within 120 hours after having unprotected or under-protected sex, selected regimens for emergency contraception, such as Plan B, Next Choice, etc., are the only contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. According to the AAP, pediatricians can play an important role in counseling patients and providing prescriptions for teens in need of emergency contraception for preventing pregnancy. Patients should also know that emergency contraception does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and pediatricians should discuss the importance of STI testing, or treatment if needed. The AAP also encourages pediatricians to advocate for better insurance coverage and increased access to emergency contraception for teens, regardless of age.
The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization of 60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. For more information, visit
I thought I was hearing things when I heard this news.
You know what would be the safest? The healthiest? If boys and girl in their teens kept their pants on! There! Why aren't people teaching that? With the life expectancy what it is, there's plenty of time - decades really - for them to grow up and find a partner and have sex.
Why am I so different than the rest of the world?
I am SHOCKED (even after all these years).


I had the best Thanksgiving ever. I just want to say that!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trying not to Laugh

At Mass I sat behind a mom and a grandma who were busy corralling three young squirmy children. At some point during the Mass, I became annoyed with the kids. The mom and grandma were busy correcting their behavior and redirecting them over and over again. I guess you just have to do that over and over and over and over and over and over and over again as a parent for years. By the end of Mass I was trying really, really hard not to laugh at their antics.

Thank you, God, for turning my annoyance into amusement. Help me to be light-hearted.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Normal Results, Thanksgiving

A nice lady from the doctor's office called me this morning that my mammogram results are NORMAL. I felt lighter than air with that message. Thank you, God.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to stay off my computer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Angry Mammogram

I've been cranky since I made an appointment for a screening mammogram. I showed up for my appointment and told the women at the registration desk that I was there for pain and torture.
Ha ha, she laughed. "It's not that bad."
"Yes, it is," I said.

There is nothing natural or good about have your tender breast smooshed and trapped in a vise even if it's "just" for a few moments. Plus isn't all that repeated radiation of mammogram after mammogram going to cause cancer eventually? If I'm in that much pain then I must be dying, therefore, I had a near panic attack.

I am angry that as a woman I have to worry about breast cancer. I am angry that one aunt had breast cancer, so now it's in my family history. I am angry I haven't had children (not my fault), so my breast cancer risk increases. I am angry that my breasts were manhandled by a technician like they are just blobs of fat instead of cherished part of my body which houses my soul, my humanity.

Don't give me all that pink, la-la-la song and dance that mammograms save lives. I know that. That's why I was there. I do not feel better for taking care of myself and doing the right thing. I am angry that a better screening device hasn't been invented.

When I got back into the privacy of the dressing room, I took the stuffed puppy out of my bag and buried my face in it. Yes, I'm a grown woman and had to bring along a "transitional object" or security toy because I find mammograms to be that bad.

On the way home, I swung by Steak 'n' Shake and got a milk shake for being such a good patient (not swearing at anyone).

I came home and my heart was still beating fast and hard after escaping such a harrowing experience. You would think I had been chased by tiger. Finally, I had to partake in a controlled substance.

Now my stomach hurts because I kind of forgot I'm lactose intolerant and I feel fat from the milk shake.

I do not feel close to God right now. I just feel angry and achey. And fat and bloated.

I hate pink ribbons.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hope & Happiness

A few weeks ago I noticed there were real nuns at Mass and excitedly told my Dad. By real nuns I mean those wearing habits. That's how I knew they were nuns. Then there were the Knights of Columbus in their regalia. And I noticed men in clerical garb in the front rows. You see, it was a special occasion. A young man from my very own parish was ordained a deacon (student priest), and was celebrating his first Mass in this capacity.

The Mass was concelebrated with our pastor and a young priest from Connecticut. The young priest was a friend of the deacon and flew out to celebrate with the deacon. That's very special, and what a great friend.

I just kept thinking what a happy occasion this was. In fact I was thinking there should be a party afterwards. Guess what! Our pastor announced that there was a reception afterwards and all are invited!

After Mass Dad and I went to the church hall for snacks. I was happy to congratulate this young man. It's so important to support seminarians. I told him he's courageous to answer The Call. I also thanked him as a regular Catholic pew person for choosing to serve us.

I also met the other seminarians at the reception. I found them to be intelligent, friendly, good-natured, and fun young men. What did we talk about? Microsoft Word upgrades was one topic. One of them had a 15-page paper due the next week. I was wondering if seminarians centuries ago had to write their papers in ink in calligraphy!

I like the way these young men teased each other like they were brothers or close friends.

I have hope for the future of the church with these guys in the priestly pipeline. It made me happy to meet them.


It's the Post-Election Morning, and I'm disgusted with the majority of voters in my state.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Many thoughts

So many thoughts in my head. Maybe I'll actually take the time to blog about them someday.