Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesus Left at the Altar

On Sunday when I went to Communion there was no Communion minister offering the cup on my side of the church. The other line to Communion for the other side of the church had a minister offering the cup. I felt cheated even though I know the Host is complete in itself. Then when the lines had dwindled down to just a few people, I noticed that a chalice was left on the altar because there was no Communion minister to take the Chalice and serve it. I felt bad. I am a Communion minister. I could have stepped up to the table and served. However, I did not notice that this Mass was short one minister. I need to pay attention on how many ministers there should be serving at each Mass. Then I need to step forward when necessary. The priest and other communion ministers sure had to consume a lot of leftover wine.

Poor Jesus was left alone on the altar. Like a wallflower at a school dance. Like a bride left at the altar. Ouch. Let's not leave Jesus alone. He wants to be with His people. We are his people.

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