Friday, February 11, 2011

My Special Day, My First Communion

On this day in 1973 I made my First Holy Communion. I like to remember my most important anniversary. The Mass was at 2:00 pm, and my godmother called me earlier that day to congratulate me because she lived several states away. My godfather and his family, more friends, and relatives came to my First Communion Mass and to my home to celebrate afterwards.

We second graders lined up by height, and I was second. The entrance song was "Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing . . .. ."

My mother made my communion dress out of the train of her wedding dress. The sleeves were bells sleeves like the angels wore. I thought I had the prettiest dress and felt sorry for the girls who were wearing store bought dresses.

We each had a paper red heart with our first name pinned to our chest so Fr. Morris would say our name when he said, "Body of Christ."

From then on, I started counting the number of times I went to Communion because each time was very exciting. I eventually lost track though.

I am happy to report that my parents remained happily married till my mom's death six years ago. Both of my godparents are still alive, and we keep in touch. The street in front of that church is named Rev. Morris Blvd. Now I am a communion minister and still find it exciting to receiving the body and blood of Christ.

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The Ranter said...

I'm going to have to look this up - I don't remember my first communion, at all.