Saturday, April 27, 2013

Online Dating

Today I signed up for online dating. A friend came over and did my hair and make-up and took pictures. She not only did that, she helped me write my profile. But her friendship didn't stop there. She brought food and made me lunch. Then we set down and looked through my matches. She recognized one guy because they use to work together!! There was a lot of laughter and girl talk today and more laughter. I hope somebody finds me interesting and attractive.


Becky said...

wow, that's great! What a great friend!

Guess what--I did a match making service once. Oh, I'm kicking myself for that now because it was so much money and I went on only 1 "date" of which was a disaster!!! I had the extra money ($1000) of which my Grandma left us when she died. That is why I'm kicking myself. What a waste.

Not to say that this is a waste for you! I think dating services have improved a lot and become much safer over the years. It just didn't work for me because I realized later that my heart wasn't in it and I wasn't ready. (Plus, all those guys who were supposed to be a good match for me were the most boring people--what does that say about me???)

Becky said...

BTW, my brother and now SIL met over a Catholic online dating service, so you never know!

Have you ever thought of using Leila? She has that private blog for matching Catholics--I guess you're supposed to email her if you're interested. Plus, it's free!