Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wrong Email Attachment

Bible study resumed for the fall. I'm glad I went.

Made stupid error at work. Are there any smart errors? Boss Lady told me not to make any more mistakes, or I might as well pack my things and go. Now I'm walking on eggshells. No one was harmed by the mistake. One vice president thought it was funny because she said it was something she would do.  No money was lost. Customers weren't lost. Really, it just made me look stupid. Boss Lady said I made the whole team look bad. No, I'm not taking that guilt on. My name was on the mistake. I just look bad. Mostly I have to forgive myself and move on. It was a foolish mistake made in the rush of multi-tasking and tight deadlines. Haste makes waste as the saying goes. My mind was on one task, and my mouse was on the wrong document. I attached the wrong document to an email. Being an electronic document, no trees were chopped down either.

Dear God, help me do well at work. Dear God, it's hard to be human with all my stumbles especially when other people have power over my livelihood. 


Becky said...

Boy do I understand when it comes to mistakes and blunders! We all make them, Boss Lady needs to remember that. It's too bad that she's taking her anger out on you. :-(

I will pray for the quick healing for hurt feelings.

Lianna said...

No one was hurt. That's what's important. I am sorry your boss is not very forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Ummm, I do stupid stuff all the time and have sent the wrong stuff to people more than once. Ugh. It's embarrassing, but she could cut you some slack. AND be thankful that you didn't cost them money. My mistakes usually lose us money.