Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Mag Cover and the Truth

1) I don't like that breastfeeding picture on the cover of Time magazine. It does not look innocent or maternal. Those of you who are taking a women's studies class can write a research paper on the images of maternity throughout time. Those of you in sociology and anthropology classes can write about how moms in different cultures breastfeed for many years. Art students can write about maternal images in modern day or throughout time. Hook up (not sexually) with the women's studies student, and you can share research. Math majors can write about the volume of milk in an A cup, B cup, etc. Health, science, home ec, psychology, and child development students can write about the benefits of breastfeeding. Literature students, please write about the ending of Grapes of Wrath. There you go.

2) Tomorrow back to the car mechanic because more warning lights came on. I'm scared about the cost and that I won't have a car to drive.

3) Returned to Bible study this past week and the topic of gay marriage came up. I upset the liberal Catholics in the group when I said that as Catholics we cannot support gay marriage because that would be supporting gay sex. Gay sex is a sin per the Church.  Boy, did I have to face some outrage. But I stood my ground. I kept telling myself to tell the truth, tell the truth. And I thought of Leila's blog. I was a shaking afterwards.

4) In the customer service aspect of my job today, I didn't do so well. I told the customer the truth and not very nicely. Oy vey. Bad me. Well, I'm a temp anyway, but I still want to do a great job. In my defense the customer wrote a badly written email in her haste and anger.

Have a great weekend.


All in His Perfect Timing said...

I do not like the Time cover either. But I'm sure that's why they picked the picture they did so we can all talk about it.
Good for you for standing up for the Church!!! So many people are loud and not always polite about their opinion, and I think you are so brave for staying so strong!!!
I hope your car is ok despite the light.

Lena said...

Thank you.
And my car is fine now, and there was no charge for the little fixes.

Becky said...

Good for you for being brave enough to tell the truth. People need the truth whether they agree with it or not. I don't blame you for shaking, people can be scary when they don't like the truth.