Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breaking the Rules

1) Holding Hands Rule
I broke my rule against holding hands during the Our Father this past Sunday because a small girl poked me in the arm. When I looked to my right and down there she was with her hand held out. She was holding hands with her mom. I can't turn down a small child.

2) No Clapping Rule
After Communion when the choir finished their performance, people clapped. I started to clap and stopped. I don't like the fact the choir has to perform. I just want some peace and quiet. Well, our pastor then made a speech how clapping for the performance is not showing reverence towards God. However, he said it in the most diplomatic way possible. Somehow he made a very strong statement against clapping while acknowledging that the choir does a wonderful job. Father G. said that if we really want to compliment the choir to stay a few minutes after Mass and walk over to the choir and talk to them.

I was so happy to hear our pastor take a stand against clapping. No one claps for the lector or the ushers or the altar girls, nor should we. On the way out of church I told Father G. that I liked what he said about no clapping. He laughed and patted my shoulder. He doesn't need my approval, but I figure he's got a tough job and why not let him know at least one person supports him.

3) Altar Girls Allowed Rule
Before Mass a mom was helping her alter server daughter find the right size for her altar outfit. I felt like I was in a department store.

4) Does St. Rita have Rules?
Today is St. Rita's Feast Day and the last day of my free-wheeling novena. My free-wheeling novena turned out to be letters of reflection I wrote to St. Rita then I put the letters in my prayer box. I hope St. Rita isn't a stickler about free form prayers versus prescribed prayers.

5) Rules at Work
My last day of my temp job is this Friday. It's pretty easy for me to follow the rules at work. I don't know what my future holds, but I trust God will see me through. After all, I'm here and He's gotten me this far.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

It is SO hard to say no to the kids who want to hold your hand. :-) I agree.
Like you, I'm glad your pastor spoke about the clapping. Its the choir's job to make / sing beautiful music ... it should be compliment enough that they can hear how great they sound praising God. Maybe the clapping will stop now?
I'll be praying for new opportunities to be popping up all over for you. Maybe your St. Rita novena will pull on His ear. :-)