Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day, My Mother's Death, Nice Jesus

I went to noon Mass today, and it was beautiful and holy with the sun shining in through the windows. The priest reminded us how we are all called to be saints (and do our best towards that goal) due to our seals from Baptism and Confirmation.

Seven years ago today, I buried my mother. I wish she didn't have to die, but we all have to die sooner or later. Mistakes were made at the hospital, and I've had to forgive them. Tip: if you are post-surgical, and the doctor and nurses said you have gas pains, make sure you really do have gas pains. I can't believe I'm writing about gas pains on a post about All Saints Day.

Anyway, when my father received the hospital bill for mom's surgery, he sent a note back saying he's not going to pay it because she died at the hospital. Guess what? The hospital never billed him again. Nor was the account sent to a collection agency. They probably didn't want to be sued. And believe me, we thought about suing. But suing would have met a long, painful, expensive, upsetting process. How could we go one with our lives if we were mad at the past? I just don't like being mad.

What helped bring me peace is that our relative who is a doctor reviewed the autopsy report. Our relative said their are risks are inherit in every surgery, and she fell into that very low percentage of death from the surgical complications. Also, my dad met with Mom's doctor for conversation. According to my dad, the doctor was very upset over the death and CRIED. I had no desire in ruining this doctor's life or practice. He is guilty of being human, not malicious.

There's more blame to go around, and hopefully the hospital people learned from their errors. Sure I wish my dad and I were floating in money, but how much is a life worth? Maybe we are wimpy.  Again, I'm out of sync with today's American society who sues over every little thing.

What do people do with all the money from winning a wrongful death suit? Unless there are minor dependents who need to be supported, why money? Do people buy mansions and fancy cars? Are they vacationing in Monaco?

Maybe we should have sued, and we would not be living with financial stress. Well, I'm less stressed since I started this 30-day Novena. I just had to turn the stress over to Jesus and concentrate on doing what I can do in finding work. I just could not carry the worry anymore. The worry was too big for me.

This picture of Jesus makes him look nice. I need Him to be nice and take care of me.

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Richard Collins said...

You made the right decision Lena.