Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kicked Out

I called up my aunt on Friday to say I would like to come and visit her and my cousins who live in her area. For the first time ever, she told me to stay in a motel. She said her new home is too small even though she lives alone and has two bedrooms: one bedroom is her room and the other has a daybed. What?????????? When I visited her before she and my uncle had a three bedroom home. My uncle has since died, so my aunt downsized. She smokes, and I have asthma. Previously, she wouldn't smoke in the same room that I was in. She would smoke on her sun porch or in just one half of the house.

When I went to stay with her for my uncle's funeral, my aunt "lost it" and smoked in my face and all over the house. It was horrible, but I didn't say anything.

However on Friday she did not say anything about her smoking. I feel unwanted and unwelcomed. I am also thinking that she just wants to smoke as much as she pleases wherever she pleases. And it is certainly her right to smoke and pollute her own home. But if that's the case, I feel hurt that she would chose her nicotine over me just like any other drug addict chooses drugs over his or her partner. Or maybe she just doesn't want me around. So until I am able to come to terms with this hotel thing and my unhappy feelings, I am not making any plans to visit. And by not visiting, I won't be seeing my goddaughter.

Today was a different sort of being kicked out. The director of liturgy caught me on my way into Mass. She said she didn't put me on the Eucharistic minister schedule for the next quarter because some of my Beware of Perverts Preying On Children class paperwork is missing. I'm suppose to call the business manager at the parish to discuss my missing paperwork. The director of liturgy said she knows I attended the Beware of Perverts (not the official name of the class) session a few years ago because she saw me in attendance. Since I was scheduled to serve today, she let me. Who knows when I'll be allowed to serve again.

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Amanda @ "All in His Perfect Timing" said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt's reaction to you wanting to stay and visit with her. How long ago did your uncle die? Maybe she is still hurting and in the "don't give a darn" phase. I don't know. I hope she just doesn't realize what she's doing and not trying to hurt you on purpose. Either way, I know it still hurts BAD! I'm praying for you - and for your aunt.
I also hope that they get the paperwork sorted out at church. I don't think you should be booted just b/c someone mis-filed paperwork!