Friday, November 4, 2011

Making Babies: My Comments on Little Catholic Bubble Blog

Discussion on Little Catholic Bubble Blog

Over on Little Catholic Bubble Blog there has been an ongoing conversation about abortion, child bearing, biology, sex, and a few other things. Here is a comment I made.

A woman can help ensure that she is not solely responsible for her children by getting MARRIED to a responsible man with family values before partaking in the baby-making-act. 

You see, since raising a child is such a HUGE undertaking requiring A LOT of time and resources, there is this system called MARRIAGE. God knew that a child needs a father and mother, so that's why there were nuclear families throughout the land. 

Single Ladies: before hopping in bed with a guy ask yourself if want to co-parent with this person. Ask yourself how committed he will be towards this child if he has not committed himself to you. EVERY method of birth control has a FAILURE rate even if it's one percent. How do you know you won't be that one percent? Somebody has to be that one, two, three or twenty percent. You could be a mother sooner than you think! That's reality.

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"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Yes! I agree exactly!!!
It is too bad more people don't have this mindset.