Monday, September 23, 2013

Scripture Questions from my Fuzzy Mind

What's that story where a prophet with the letter E learned that God is in the quiet whisper and not in the roar of the storm or gusty wind?

Also, somewhere in the Old Testament some people were wandering around and then they followed a moving pillar of smoke or something. Where's that in the Bible? I was driving to work on the expressway and I saw smoke. I thought I would get closer to the smoke, but it kept moving forward. I thought of that Bible story. I think it was a car with a bad exhaust system.

A deacon I know said God doesn't give signs anymore because Jesus came. Huh? I wish I asked for more of an explanation.


Becky said...

I remember that story with the pillar of smoke! We read that in Luke's Action Bible. :-) I would have to look it up but I could get you the exact location if you want.

I think it was Elijha (sp?) that answered God's call. But I'm not positive on that. There's a lot of people in the bible, even some with repeat names!

Lena said...

Maybe I should get a copy of the Action Bible.