Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Exercise Program, Monica's Good Idea, and Meg is a Hobo for Christ

Because I'm a bit squishy and Monica came up with a good idea, I started a new exercise program.  I'm doing it because my clothes are shrinking in the closet, I'm somewhat vain, it's a healthy thing to do,  and  Meg said our bodies are wonderfully made temples http://www.piercedhands.com/your-body-is-a-temple/, so I ought to take care of it.

I am following the program in Body By You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women's Fitness by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark.  Monica I think is in better shape than I is doing The You Are Your Own Gym. Maybe after 12 weeks I'll be ready to upgrade to that.

I'm determined to do this program for 12 weeks when I will then have a body that will launch a thousand ships . . . I meant to write inner beauty is important, and God cares about what's in my heart. 

I only need to exercise three measly days a week for less than a half-hour. I could exercise in my pajamas if I so choose in the comfort of my own home. No drives to the gym, no membership fee. I paid $16.00 for the book plus sales tax. I could listen to whatever music I want or watch whatever t.v. program I want or space out. I kind of wish someone would magically appear and make sure I'm using the correct form and not causing injury to self. 

To change the subject, have you been reading Meg's blog at PiercedHands.com? She gave up her home and a good job to be a hobo for  Christ. She seems nice, so maybe you could invite her over to your house. I put her on my blog roll. 

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