Thursday, April 5, 2012

St. Ulrich and unSaintly Men

Today I am revisiting my patron saint of the year, St. Ulrich. Here is his list of responsibilities. Actually I don't think saints have responsibilities or job descriptions, but let's pretend they do.

against birth complications; againstfaintness; against fever; against mice andmolesdiocese of Augsburg, Germany; happy death; weavers

So far, I have not had any birth complications because I have NEVER been pregnant. Have not felt faint. I had a mild fever that came and went. So far, I have not met any mice or moles. I would like to visit Germany. Those in the diocese of Augsburg, Germany, are free to chime in. I have NOT died a sad or tragic death. There's hope I could die happy, but I am avoiding my own death this year.* I would like to avoid death in general in fact. I have not woven anything. So, I guess St. Ulrich is doing an acceptable job.

*I'm taking basic safety precautions such as wearing my seat belt, driving the speed limit, looking both ways before crossing the street, eating food and not lead, drinking water, using the stairs instead of jumping out the window of my apartment when I need to leave home, and keeping warm on cold days.

Now I will talk about regular men. It's not a fun talk.

1) First a man called from another location within the company and asked for a special favor. He sounded rather jerky. He was trying to tease and be charming. I don't even know him. Then he said if I do this special favor he will "love me until death." I immediately said, "No, you won't. You'll just be really grateful." 

I think "love you until death" is a phrase best used in a marriage proposal or within the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Well, maybe my grandpa would have said some such thing if he were still alive. My grandparents tried to give me everything they possibly could until they could give no more. Then they died. 

[Thinking of loving grandparents now.  

Back to the work story. Turned out it beyond my capabilities to do the special favor and apparently it's against company policy. He was trying to cajole me into doing something wrong. I'm being trusted to NOT break the rules. I do what I'm suppose to, and then I get money. I like getting money and being able to buy groceries.

2) Today a customer walked in to drop off some equipment that needs servicing. Sometimes when customers drop off their equipment they want a receipt or want me to sign a copy of their order. Fine. I understand that. That equipment is expensive. Today Mr. Customer** handed me a copy of their order and said, "Sign your life away."
I said, "I'm not signing my life away for anything, but I'll sign that I received your items." 
Really, my life is worth more than a thing, no matter how expensive the thing is. No one may sincerely love me until death (well, maybe my dad does), but like all people I am worth more than a thing. 

I don't know where I suddenly got all this self-worth and confidence. Maybe it's one advantage of being unyoung.

I just hate empty words.***

Ever since I wrote about shrill women, the female callers have been speaking in a normal tone of voice. Maybe they all read my blog. Ha-ha-ha.

**This customer was not Jesus Christ.

***Jesus Christ does not say empty words or try to make you do something wrong.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I'm glad St. Ulrich is doing such a great job! I know it's smart of you to wear your seatbelt and take stairs and such too. :-) There's got to be a way he will help you this year. Maybe you are going to add a new "thing" he is the patron saint of. It's possible. :-)
I'm glad the sassy women are better. It really must make work so much more enjoyable. But those men, ugh. Men = drama to me.