Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prayer Circle, I was at Peace for about 20 minutes.

During Lent I was part of a Prayer Circle. Were you? It was part of Lenten Prayer buddies. I prayed for Karen. Karen prayed for Lianna, and Lianna prayed for me.

This morning as I head out, I thanked God that I have no current anxieties. I thanked God I was at peace. I'm sure if I thought about I could find something to be concerned about. Then as I was driving to my dad's place, a warning light came on in my car. Oh Oh. I picked up my dad, and he insisted I drive straight to my mechanic, which I did. It was 12 minutes before closing. I left my car there, and the mechanic drove me and my dad to my place. From my place my dad was able to call for a ride home.

Now I am stranded home alone all weekend, and I don't like it. Not sure how I am getting to work on Monday if at all. Not sure what this is going to cost. If I talk aloud in my apartment, no one answers. That's because I live alone.


Karen said...

I hate the feeling of being stranded! I was without a car for two days earlier this year, and even though it wasn't a big deal, I still hated not being able to go somewhere if I had wanted to! And I love that we were part of a prayer circle!

Becky said...

Aw, I'm sorry. Car problems are the worst! It must be really hard being alone. I'll pray especially for you today, as you know it's Divine Mercy Sunday.