Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Brunch, Prayer Buddy

Happy Easter!

Easter Mass was beautiful with the sun shining in through all the windows. Of course it was beautiful because it was Mass on Easter!

After Mass, my dad and I went out for brunch. We've gone to Easter brunch at this particular restaurant several times before and expected a positive experience. After all, we keep returning for a reason. Well, they lost my reservation. We were seated anyway, but the food was a let down. I don't know if there's new management or what. The service was horrible, blah, blah, blah. As far as all the small children running around, they are lucky that my dad didn't step on any of them by accident. It was all rather stressful and disappointing, but it wasn't the most important part of the day. The most of the important part was the Lord's table at Mass.

The hired Easter Bunny at the restaurant shuffled around listlessly. She kept readjusting her head, and her blond hair was peeking out the back of the head. The white "fur" looked worn, and I didn't see her give out any treats. As someone said, the Easter Bunny had no hippity in her hop. I bet she was hot too.

After brunch, my father wanted to go Starbucks. Ah, we hung out there for a while.


I prayed for Karen at Running Solo or So Low? Her blog is private. Karen, thank you for opening your blog to me.

I was fortunate to have the prayers of Lianna at Thank you for prayers, Lianna. I can't wait to read your blog.


Back to the Real Meaning of Easter, our pastor gave away the book to Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor. Yes, he gave a book to every family who was walking out the door after Mass. Cool! I like freebies.

The Lord is Risen! 


I am by drinking some chocolate milk.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Oh, man, so sorry your Easter brunch was a let down. I hate when that happens!
Happy Easter! Alleluia, He is risen!