Friday, April 6, 2012

Mass of the Lord's Supper


Last night I was writing on my blog, complaining really and realized what good is my blog named Eucharist Always if I don't go to the Mass of the Lord's Supper. That's what started this Wonder of the Eucharist. So I sped off to Mass.

I have not been to Holy Thursday Mass since I was a pouty teen-ager. Going to Mass willingly last night was discovering a whole new dimension of Catholicism. It was one Aha moment after another. I liked that all the altar boys were actually boys. And most of them were teen-agers. So good to see teens serving the Lord.

There was ringing of the bells during the Gloria. At first I thought the fire alarm was going off from the incense. Ten people (though there were 12 chairs) got their feet washed by the pastor. Somehow that prompted me to wonder if some womyn want to be priests because they think it's a powerful position. Father G. sure didn't look powerful. He's a man who serves his flock. Anyway he took off his garment and put on a white butcher's apron (without the blood smears). During the petitions we prayed for deceased clergy members from our parish. We had special intentions for two former pastors who are still living. It was good to remember them.

During the consecration there was a wooden clapping noise instead of bells. Does anybody know what that means? At the end of Mass Father G. put on a cape and hid the hosts beneath the cape then there was a procession to put the hosts in a special cupboard. Oh yes, Holy Oil was brought up blessed by the archbishop. All these special parts were new to me.

Two goof-ups. There were one too many Eucharist ministers and the Assisting Priest (Co-celebrant) did not have a vessel to give Communion. I thought we are suppose to defer to the Priest if there are too many Eucharist ministers (lay people).

I couldn't get in my row after Communion because the  old lady on the end did not move. I don't think she saw me trying to get because she was deep in prayer or asleep. So I had to walk all the way around to the back and come up the aisle as if I were getting in the communion line again. Anyway, I sat next the man whom I was sitting next to during Mass. I prayed. Then I thought that everything looked so much closer. And why did the familiar people across the aisle look farther away?

"Hmm, the altar looks so much closer, so do the statues and banners and plants." I was looking around trying to figure out how the altar got closer or if my vision was goofy. Then the man next to me said, "We suppose to be one row back. It's my fault." Oh. I wanted to laugh. Well, it's not like we displaced anyone because, as usual, people tend to disappear after Communion.

It's not first time I've been in the wrong row, and I'm not the first person to get mixed up either. I bet people have been sitting in the wrong row ever since churches put in pews.

Why is this day called Good Friday?

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Lol at sitting in the wrong row! I've done that before too. At least there were two of you! :-)
I'm not sure about the wooden clapping. Hmmm. That's a new one.
It's great you went to Holy Thursday mass!