Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Pregnancy Test

cost $104.00.

See, I am just like you married ladies. I too can talk about my pregnancy test and how it came out negative. Well, some of you have had pregnancy tests that came out positive. I'm trying to relate to my married readers: pregnancy test, pregnancy test, pregnancy test.

Last year I had outpatient surgery and the hospital said I had to have a pregnancy test. I didn't want one. I knew I was NOT pregnant, and I told them WHY I knew I was not pregnant. Too bad, I had to have one. Today I FINALLY got the itemized statement I requested and the urine pregnancy test is listed at $104.00.

Okay, I am really not like my married friends. When women have babies, it's like they advance in life and go to Mother Land, while I'm at the bottom rung of the ladder in Chutes and Ladders. Sometimes I really feel left out and abnormal and not a real woman or a real adult. Yet, I don't think of other childless women that way. I should be kinder towards myself.

Why do I have a uterus if it's not being used? I hated, HATED, it for a very long time because of the agonizing cramps once a month or every six weeks or eight weeks or whatever crazy schedule that wasn't really a schedule. Then as I grew older, I got regular and less crampy. Then I read a very large book on NFP because I was curious. By reading that book, I came to APPRECIATE the clock (hormones) inside my body and how it all works.  Now I am like a train schedule and much less crampy. Go figure.

I can't believe I'm writing something this personal and am putting it on the internet.


Becky said...

I can't believe they charged you for a test that you knew you didn't need. That's just crazy.

You are a real woman. I wish I had something comforting to say to you. I was single until I was 28. I didn't think I was ever going to get married. My husband was the first man I ever dated and my first kiss. I was so inexperienced because I had no dating experience. We had a tough relationship because of that, but we survived. Anyway, it can happen. I will pray that it happens for you too.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I hated that you had to have the test. Duh. You know yourself and what you've been doing!
I've been asked that before too, when I know where I am in my cycle, and had to have the same thing as well.
Its insulting.
Know that you're always in my prayers for a soulmate!