Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Demographic

I'm undergoing online company training (indoctrination) at Big Company where I am temping. We all have to do this once a year. Anyway in the interest of diversity and inclusion, we are not to use the words husband or wife. Instead the so-called proper word is partner.

Husband and wife are NOT bad words. This makes me want to use those words more when referring to a husband or wife.

The training also tells us that not all gay people know each other. Really? How dumb are we?

As a somewhat traditional Catholic woman who is attracted to men, I would like them to stop announcing the gay pride news on the company intranet. Perhaps I would like a newsletter that appeals to my own demographic. The newsletter could answer questions such as are there single Catholic men more or less in this age range in this organization? If so, where are their offices and what are their phone extensions???


Becky said...

No kidding. And anytime anyone refers to my "partner", I look around for a cop standing behind me.

Lena said...

That's funny Becky. When I hear partner I think of a lab partner in high school science class. Doesn't the word partner sound funny when you a real live husband?

All in His Perfect Timing said...

:-D LOL!!
So much is catered to same-sex people, but it is not catered to heterosexuals at the same level. Perturbing.