Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Much Fuller

After not receiving the Eucharist (or even going to Mass) for several weeks due to various lame excuses* that I can't even remember, receiving Communion this past Sunday was like eating Thanksgiving Dinner after starving for a few weeks. The Host felt heavier, the Blood of Christ had more body. It was more luxuriant. There was more wonderfulness in receiving the Communion. I had more of a sense of "Ah, home at last." It was fuller in feel. I didn't realize how much I missed the Eucharist and how much I need it until I experienced it again. I felt sorry for Catholics who live/lived in places where they had to wait and wait and wait until a missionary priest came to give them the sacraments. I have three Catholic churches within 20 minutes of driving distance from my house. How fortunate I am. Oh, there's a Catholic hospital nearby too that offers Masses in its chapel.

And that is my attempt at using mere words to explain the Spiritual or how God uses our senses (in this case taste) to make us aware of Him, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and wonder of it all.

*The reasons seemed legitimate at the time.


Becky said...

No judging here!

Yes, Jesus fills us up; every time I go to Holy Communion, I ask Him to help me understand how very fortunate I am--because I think if I truly understood it, I would always be floating on air after every Mass.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I always feel better after I receive Jesus in Holy Communion! Glad you feel so much better too!