Monday, May 20, 2013

Online Dating Makes Me Want to Scream at God

Last week I read a profile of a certain man and indicated my interest by clicking a certain button. Today that same "man" replied that "he" was interested also, but now "he" is a "she." Can I just scream at God now?? Anyway, I reported the fake man/woman to the site because to misrepresent oneself as a different sex is wrong, and then I moved the profile to the not a match for me section. Besides I find myself attracted to men, not women. I am what you would call a heterosexual. I know, I am rather old fashioned that way.

Really, I just want to scream at God that why can't I meet someone the normal way like at the office??? At a friend's party? At church?? At Bible study??? But why scream at God? He's heard it all before from me.

And being single is not a vocation if no one wants you. Is that like a default position?

Feeling down.


Becky said...

Sorry to hear this. :-( Prayers for you tonight.

Leila@LittleCatholicBubble said...

Lena this is horrible! Do you have a facebook page? Email me at