Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey, Calah at Barefoot and Pregnant!

I agree with Calah has to say at and at

Hey, Calah, if you are reading this, it's a pain in the a** to leave a comment on your blog. But if I felt like going through the trouble, I would give you a compliment.

After working in various offices for many years, I realized people do not read anything carefully. They either lack the capability or are too lazy to carefully read memos, emails, articles, blog posts, booklets, directions, brochures, contracts, manuals, instructions, the bulletin board, the chalk board, the white board, report cards, invoices, statements, EOBs, or anything else. It drives me nuts that when people who make hoards of money with corner offices can't read or write properly.

Calah, you are right: the problem with your post is not your post, it is the audience. 

Calah, it was a treat the first time I heard you on the radio. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch you this second time.

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