Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Date

   So I joined an online dating site, and for two weeks I had fun, lively, kind email and phone exchanges with a man. He wasn't my type, but there was so much in his words that captivated me. Then we met yesterday. After two hours into the date, I was ready to call it quits.
   I did not feel attracted to him at all. None whatsoever. I didn't want to kiss him, I didn't want to hold his hand, nothing.
  Yes, we met in a public place during the day with plenty of people around. Yes, at least three friends knew whom I was meeting, where, and what time. Yes, I reported in to them when I returned home. A woman can never be careful enough.
  He has since emailed me several times, and I wrote him back that I didn't feel an attraction.


Becky said...

Don't be disappointed, there are other men out there.


All in His Perfect Timing said...

Oy! The awkwardness when there is no attraction. I remember that well. I joined a dating site & met a few guys that way. They were nice, but after we discovered that we (or I) didn't like each other in that way, I wanted to get out of there too.
Did I ever tell you that one time a guy told me, "I like your hairy arms." Like telling me that wasn't going to make me self-conscious, as I was SO self-conscious about that already. That relationship didn't go anywhere. :)
Prayers for you on your dating journey!!!