Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sixth Day of Christmas

Christmas was fine, joyful even. Full of peace and contentment. None of the relatives got into an argument. 
It was a Christmas miracle.

Because there are still plenty of old people in my family, I had to sit at the kiddie table at dinner even though the youngest among us was my 18-year old godson. He, by the way, worried that the liberals are going to take away his ability to buy guns when he is 21. Should I be worried? He was part of the rifle club in high school, and by rifle club, I mean school-sanctioned activity with a faculty advisor.

My cousin who is a year older than me was able to find room at the adult table. I guess he is at that transitional age between kid and grown-up. You did note on my header, that I am in my '40s, didn't you?

I never did send out Christmas cards. Well, there's no time like the present to mail out Happy New Year notes and Happy Epiphany notes. My tree is still up, but I put away most of my Christmas decorations.

Since I had to work on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, I did not bask in the Day-After-Christmas Glow like I usually do. 

However, since I was grateful to have a job, I tried not to mind so much. Tomorrow is my last day of work at this temp assignment. Then I celebrate the new year and my new life (again) as an unemployed person as I go screaming off the fiscal cliff onto the rocky shoals below.  

Truthfully, I am looking forward to a bit of time off: to get my home in order, do laundry, put together jigsaw puzzles, and SLEEPING in. But just a little bit of unemployment. God, please do not let me be without work for a long time. By long time, I mean a long time in human terms, not a long time in the history of the universe time. Dear God, I know a short time in your Alpha-Omega perspective is different than my human perspective, please help me find work soon. Yes, yes, I'll do my part and revise my resume for the 100,000th time. Or God, if you send me . . . am I allowed to have Cinderella fantasies in which I can create a lovely home for a spouse and me full-time because Spouse has a well-paying job and doesn't need my paltry income? I can learn to cook, I think. I DID receive a lovely new apron for Christmas, and I am rather tickled by the apron. Really I am. I put it on right there and then and twirled around. It has pretty ruffles on it. 

Anyway, I'm too tired to be anxious and worried. After all, God has provided so far, and he takes care of the sparrows. Okay, I do require more food than a bird and a bigger and more expensive living space than a birdhouse. 

God, I open my arms and my heart! Come in and WORK YOUR MIRACLES in my life! But can you do it without me having another crisis? (I had enough crisis in years past, which I will not recount here, but take my word for it).

I like singing Hark, The Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the newborn King.

What else?

Today I went to Mass early and was chatting in the back of the church.

Me: What is today? Is it a feast day?

[I know this season is hot and heavy with feast days such as the Holy Innocents] 

Lady 1: It's the Feast of the Holy Family.

Me: Then what is New Year's Day?

Man: That's Tuesday.

Lady 2: There's a vigil mass tomorrow.

Me: I know it's Tuesday. What?

Lady 3: It's a Holy Day of Obligation.

Me: But I thought it was the Holy Family.

Lady 1: It's the Solemnity of Mary.

Me: Oh. 

[What's the Solemnity of Mary?]

Lady 4: Remember when it was the circumcision of the Lord?

[Man scurries away. I don't blame him.]

Lady 4: Back in the '50s, the nuns always taught us it was the circumcision of the Lord. They pounded that into us.

[I'm so glad it changed. I do not want to listen to Father talk about circumcision from the pulpit. Frankly, I never want to hear Father speak of that in any context.]

Lady 5: Back in the '50s, I got married and was busy having babies and raising children; I don't remember anything.

Me: I wasn't born yet.

[Do I really look that old?]

Six geese of laying


Becky said...

Hee,hee,hee. I'm still chuckling. Great post, you have a great sense of humor. I can very much relate to the kiddie table. Although we don't really call it the kiddie table, I guess that's where I get stuck most of the time too--and it actually does have real kids there. Somehow, because I have kids to tend to, I never really "get" to eat with the grown ups and have to stay to make sure that my kids have enough to eat, mind their table manners, ect. Then somehow I end up taking care of the other people's kids too-getting them milk and all that. Yep, it's the kiddie table!

I will pray that you find work soon. Yes, you need to eat more than a sparrow.

In the meantime, enjoy sleeping in! At this very moment, it's 4:52 a.m because good ol' Henry will not go back to sleep even though I went in his room and gave him a bottle. I've been up over an hour now, for the second time tonight.
Good times.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I think the Holy Days / Solemnities are confusing each year, as they always shift based on the Sunday Obligation ... something like that. And there's a LOT of them between Christmas & New Years.
There's nothing wrong with missing Christmas cards & sending New Years cards! I did that last year. I just didn't get things done in time.
I understand needing a break from work! :-) I will be praying that you get a small reprieve and then find something even more fabulous than before!