Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bitter Pill

I have complained about medical payments and doctor bills and cost of prescriptions. I love Rebecca's post today at http://shovedtothem.blogspot.com/. I think she's starting a new movement, one to anger out-of-network medical providers, to save her family's finances, so she and her family could feed their children.

Need to pay your rent and eat and put gas in your car?

Add Rebecca's  addendum 

"We refuse all non-emergent non-life-saving treatment by any physician or personnel who are considered 'out-of-network' by  (our insurance company's name) when an 'in-network' alternative is available.  Any 'out-of'network' care which is not necessary to save life or limb will be considered to have been performed pro-bono and will be treated in that manner."  

when signing yourself or your child into the hospital.

I know medical school is expensive and so is hiring a staff, renting an office, etc., etc, and all that goes into having your own medical practice. But so is providing a roof over my head, buying groceries, paying for heat in the winter, etc, paying insurance premiums.

This is so sad, the state of health care in this country and our/my bitter angry feelings towards it.


Rebecca Frech said...

And call your legislators and ask that they require all medical personnel to, at minimum, accept all insurances considered in network by the facilities in which they are working.

This is real, helpful health care reform!

Rebecca said...

I too loved Rebecca's addendum - and will definitely be using it in the future.

Your comment on my blog today took my breath away. I am so sorry your mother had to die that way - just horrible, for all of you.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I will save the addendum as well and put it to use. Thanks!