Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Was Glad

to hear our pastor speak about sexuality, the Church's teachings, the catechism, and scripture in Sunday's homily. I'm glad he had the backbone to stand up for the truth.

The church doesn't make up things just for the fun of it. Teachings are based on scripture and reflection.

No human life is an accident. It's God's will that each and every one of us was conceived. It's not funny, Father G. said, when parents say a child was an accident or an oops. The child doesn't think it's funny to be referred to as an accident.

Our sexuality was created so we may create life in a loving commitment (marriage). That's what the priest said.

I got to thinking that there is something in Catholic marriage vows about lovingly and accepting any children. So why do people think they can carefully plan their family just so?

I see my pastor's role as one who shepherds us through that narrow gate. Other people complain about him for nitpicky reasons. He can't please everyone in a parish of thousands of people. He can be and is a spiritual leader.

I hope he speaks The Truth more often than not because truth is important than winning a popularity contest.

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