Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Religious Liberty Conference Notes

I took down the following notes from the religious liberty conference I attended.

  • Feelings are the main take-away in any form of communication.
  • We are the only religion with an official document of dialogue thanks to Vatican II.
  • When speaking about religious freedom, we must not seek to take away other's freedom.
  • Our aim is not to win (an argument). Our aim is to witness.
  • We are ministers of the Gospel.
  • Truth makes its own claim.
  • Shed light, not heat.
  • We are not free to define the Catholic Church and its teachings.
  • Development of doctrine continues through the ages, but does not contradict.
  • Social hostility against the Catholic religious liberty is rising in Europe.
  • To excommunicate someone, the bishops have to follow Canon Law. 
  • The HHS mandate interferes with corporeal works of mercy.
  • There's a fine line between having concern for unity in the Church and being a coward for truth.
  • The secularization of culture is causing religion to be put in the closet while others are coming out of the closet.
  • We need to bring people to love God, to conversion, and to the sacraments especially penance.
  • We get the government we deserve because we elect our government through democracy.
  • Catholic way of life has to be behavioral not just value based.

The archbishop was one of the speakers, and hearing him speak made me like him even more.


Becky said...

Sounds like a great conference and that you took a lot home from it! Thanks for sharing the notes, they are so true!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Wow! It must have been a GREAT talk to take all those great notes!