Saturday, June 9, 2012

Settled. Learning the Hard Way, Holy Spirit

Legal/Financial Update: After much prayer and negotiations between lawyers, we came to an agreement. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I am grateful that it was settled. Without a settlement, things could be much, much worse for me.  Thank you, God. Thank you to those who prayed for me.

DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER USE A CHARGE CARD FOR CONSUMERS GOODS YOU ARE BUYING TO FILL THE EMPTY HOLE INSIDE YOUR SOUL OR TO RAISE YOUR SELF ESTEEM OR BECAUSE YOU ARE ANGRY AT THE WORLD OR ANGRY AT GOD. THAT IS A MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR MISTAKE I MADE OVER A DECADE AGO AND AM LITERALLY PAYING FOR NOW. I don't use charge cards anymore. And I'm unemployed. Believe me, I learned my lesson is a very difficult way. Debt will enslave you. It will follow you around. I'm not out of the woods yet, but I see the way out. And I'll have a lawyer bill to pay.

Anybody want to share a lesson you learned the very hard way?

Angry Liberal Lady in Bible Study does not want to listen or read logic or reason or me. I think she has deep seated anger from something in the past, probably something I don't know about. I think deep underneath that anger towards me, towards those of us who are more conservative leaning, towards the Church, towards the Bishops is a BIG HURT. Hmm. maybe something related to her divorce from long ago? I don't know. I am just speculating. Something draws her to Mass, to her ministries, to the Church, to Bible Study. Guess this is a big job for the Holy Spirit (I'm very into the Holy Spirit at the moment). I must have received graces because I'm not really angry at her even though she was very rude to me.

If I need to do or say something to help make this situation better, then I trust God will reveal it to me in someway. If I did something wrong, then sooner or later, God will let me know somehow. He always has in the past.

Our Bible Study needs peace. We need St. Paul to write us a letter. "A Reading from the Letter to the Midwesterners." Well, we can just continue to read the Bible. Notice how human conditions and behaviors stay the same over the centuries? Only the names have changed.

I think I'm into the Holy Spirit because I had to go to that Confirmation Mass. Isn't that how it always works: you go to serve and end up receiving? I was reminded of the Holy Spirit, and how He has our back.

I was unable to go to Freedom Rally in the Big City yesterday because I had to meet with the lawyer.

Yawn. Time to end this post.


Becky said...

I'm glad you reached a settlement, though it sounds like the entire situation was scary and stressful. Like you said, the Holy Spirit has your back.

My brother goes to work and each day there is a woman there who harasses him about the Catholic Church. She asks him questions, only to bate him and try to get him in a debate so that she can vent her anger about the Catholic Church. Funny thing is, at one time, she was a pretty devout Catholic. Something must have happened.

My own personal experience (in answer to your question but also in regards to people and their anger) is that the more you give in to anger, the angrier you will be. It's the worlds way of saying that "venting" is an outlet for us, but I've been learning that venting is not always good. It's simply appeasing and gratifying the anger we're feeling inside. Anger has to be resolved first in prayer, I think , and "vented" before God, who can give us the grace to overcome it and resolve the issue. Talking your problems out in order to find a solution is one thing but venting is another.

Lianna said...

My lesson also has to do with debt and student loans. That is what is tying me down and keeping me from realizing certain goals. Hopefully those goals can still be realized, it just might take longer until I pay off my loans. And that's a difficult thing.
Yes, the Holy Spirit must be helping you to not be angry at that woman. We all need more of the Holy Spirit! There is always an "anger button," so pray for that woman's healing, for something must have happened for her to become angry like that.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I'm so glad that you reached a settlement too! That's so scary and nerve-wracking when you're in the middle of things.
My lesson is to get ALL the cash up front before you sell your car ... don't feel sorry for the pregnant lady & her boyfriend who will pay you in "installments" over "x" amount of time. So ... yeah ... lots of awkward phone calls, late payments, my insurance still on the car, having to go back to pick up the car ... NOT worth it. I shouldn't have jumped at them wanting to buy it. I should have waited for the next person to come along who had all the cash. You can't be nice like that to people anymore ... or trust them much either.