Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Church

I want to especially welcome my overseas readers.

If are Catholic, even though we are in different countries, we are part of the same church. If you aren't Catholic, come and join us! I think it's cool that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church are for every single one of us. The invitation is open to all.

Come to the Rock that Peter built!

Are Catholics the minority where you live? With all the churches in the suburbs of Chicago, I'm going to say Catholics are a majority or close to it. Here in America, we don't know exactly what religion people practice. Right now I'm in the public library. I have no idea what religion the people around me practice. But I'm guessing most are Christians; and I bet if I asked, most Christians would be Catholic or at least raised in the Catholic tradition.

Being raised in the Catholic tradition and not practicing Catholicism is a topic for another post for another time. My diocese has a campaign to welcome back those Catholics who have strayed: Welcome Home is the slogan.

Welcome home, I say to you.

Peace be with you!


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