Monday, January 3, 2011

Ephinany Proclamation, Nativity, Kings from the East

The priest read The Ephinany Proclamation yesterday after the homily. This was the first I heard of it. In the days before calendars were common, said Father, the proclamation was read to the congregation. The proclamation announces the holy days and liturgical calendar of the new year.

After Mass, I meditated before the creche in front of the church and what it must of been like to experience the prophesies realized. I thought of the poor baby boys (Holy Innocents) who were ruthlessly killed by order of the Insecure King Herold. I thought of how the long the journey was for the three wise men from the east. I wish we knew more about them. Any biblical scholars out there?

I don't want to see this season end. On my dresser I have a stand-up plaque of the nativity scene. I keep it there year round because I like it! I like looking at it and thinking about what how magnificent that Holy night was.

The nativity on the grass in front of the rectory has the Peanuts characters. It makes me laugh.

Someday I'm going to correct all the misspellings and writing errors.

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