Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I celebrate Christmas - St. Stephen

I'm still hung up on Christmas, and why not?

I wonder what non-Christians think they are celebrating when they are celebrating Christmas? I know non-Christians who do the whole tree, gifts, family, decorations, Santa thing.

(Look! I learned to insert pictures from the Internet.)

I was glad to see that some homes in my neighborhood still has Christmas lights shining brightly, and lit trees were shining through the windows.

Next year when people say, "Happy Holidays," to me, I will say, "Thank you. I'll be celebrating Christmas." Do you think I should say that?

Will I even remember? I just want my Christmas Holy Day back. I don't want Christmas to be lost in the holidays. Of course the word holidays comes from the word Holy Days. I read that somewhere, and I don't know where

Why is Kwanzaa on printed calendars? .I don't celebrate that. I don't even know it is. It wasn't a holiday when I was growing up. I don't even know what is that. I did learn what Boxing Day in England.
The feast of St. Stephen on December 26 is celebrated as "Boxing Day" in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and in other commonwealth countries and is a national holiday there.   The name refers to the practice, as legend has it, of nobles and other wealthy Britons "boxing up" and distributing food and other gifts to their servants and to the poor on the day after Christmas.   Boxing Day was traditionally when the alms box at every English church was opened and the contents distributed to the poor.  Servants by custom were also given the day off to celebrate Christmas with their families.

You may notice that is web page is from an Episcopal church. Well, Catholics are the ones who canonize saints. That's my disclaimer.

  Merry Christmas. It's Day 11!

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