Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saint for 2012 Employment

I used that random saint generator at or maybe it was at and got St. Ulric (Ulrich) of Augsburg. He is the patron saint "Against Birth Complications; Against Dizziness; Against Faintness; Against Fever; Against Frenzy; Against Mice; Against Moles; Happy Death; Pregnant Women; Weavers."

I am not sure what to make of that saint generator. I prayed for a saint to fix my life and secure employment. Am I giving birth this year? Well, that would be quite exciting and scary. Considering I am single and DON'T even have a boyfriend, we're talking big life changes. 
I'm glad I won't be dizzy, faint or feverish this year. Nor will I worry about mice or moles (either the digging kind or the kind on the skin). The happy death part has me worried. The happy death is better than bad death, but I would like to live another 40 some years if not more. However, dying would solve my unemployment problem. I don't weave, but I suppose I could learn. I am clearing out my apartment some, so maybe I will have room for a loom. 


Percolating Petals said...

A local friend of mine does her own assigning of saints. Email me for her address. I sent her my request tonight and she replied within 10 minutes. Maybe you'll get a more relateable.

Unemployment stinks and is very stressful. I've been through it a few times and it never gets easier. A punching bag would have helped me. I will pray to St. Joseph for you!

"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Lena, you crack me up with your wording ... room for a loom?!?! :-) I hope you live a long, prosperous life and that your employment outlook brightens.
I hope St. Ulric watches over you this year. Perhaps God is going to reveal His reason for St. Ulric through the year? That's what I'm thinking about my saint too.

aka the Mom said...

He's not exactly the most popular saint though, is he? Maybe he was hanging out with nothing to do and said "I'll take Lena. Watch what I can do!"